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RSS Feeds: Entertainment

Frag Tag Radio (RSS)
Explosive, Highly Entertaining Xbox 360 & Video Game Podcasting. Resistance is Futile.
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Extraordinary Figures Hip Hop Blog (RSS)
The latest Hip Hop and R&B mixtapes, free music downloads, music videos, and news. Get Mixtapes from artists such as Khleo and Trey Songz
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The Internet Musician Podcast (RSS)
Hey, musicians! Are you struggling to promote your music on the internet? Do you have a band website, but no traffic? Indie artist and internet wiz Brian Hartzog shares DIY music promotion tips, resources, and tutorials in this music marketing podcast. Topics include everything from Internet promotion basics to advanced social networks to website traffic...from how to get more online followers to how to turn those followers into rabid fans. Are you interested in online music marketing? Want to sell more music online? Brian candidly shares personal stories of his music business successes and setbacks in his quest to sell more music online without touring. If you are a DIY musician or band member, subscribe to the Internet Musician podcast to join the conversation. This podcast is highly recommended for musicians, songwriters, and music business professionals.
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Little by Listen (RSS)
This blog is the culmination of years and years of three high school friends wasting minutes, hours, and days listening to music, making long concert road trips, and having ridiculously trivial arguments about which is the best Rolling Stones record or who would you rather be, Jack White or Jim James. More recently, we had a Facebook message to share our thoughts and opinions on music, and eventually thought out loud, “our conversation might be entertaining for others to see”.
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Nicholas L. Garvery (RSS)
Steampunk Mystery Thriller Author | Movie Reviews | Book Reviews
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Maddy and The Mister (RSS)
Any subject is fair game for the pair, and conversations range from living a gluten-free lifestyle to the best rock band cover songs. There are reviews present in each show, which offer insightful opinions on household, alternative, and unique products. All items reviewed have been in use by the hosts for a significant period of time, so that fair, long-term opinions can be formed. Additionally, TV shows and movies from the present and past are reviewed, with the unique perspective of being compared to source material such as books or graphic novels.
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Nick & Nate's Half Hour of Entertainment Hour (RSS)
Podcast covering current events, entertainment news, sports, film, social issues, and personal topics.
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I Mean...What?!? (RSS)
Finding Truth and Humor in a World Obsessed With Fashion and Celebrity – is a daily reportage on what’s not quite right in the worlds of fashion, entertainment, politics, celebrities…
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Hollywood Hot Stories (RSS)
The hottest entertainment news! Celebrity gossip, movies, TV, and music.
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Fun Movie Trivia (RSS)
Movie trivia on movie cast, movie decade, and other movie trivia. Adventure, drama, family, horror, sci-fi, and other genres of movies. Also Movie mistakes and bloopers.
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