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Breakin' it down one tune at a time

LxListening: Faith & Music
19-Apr-13   By: Wes

This past weekend, my wife and I went to the 6th biennial Festival of Faith & Music in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and it proved to be one of the more interesting conference/festivals I’ve ever attended. Culture criticism often has an adversarial relationship with faith and faith often has an adversarial relationship with pop culture, so […]

Top Ten Thursday: Best Artists of the Aughts (2000-2009)
18-Apr-13   By: Austin

This was a particularly tough list to put together.  On average, order one of our Top Ten lists takes about 45 minutes.  Over an hour and a half into our last meeting, we still only had the top six ironed out for this one.  We ended up just individually ranking the final eight candidates individually, […]

Kurt Vile Review: Wakin On A Pretty Daze
17-Apr-13   By: Todd

Kurt Vile Wakin On A Pretty Daze Kurt Vile left the band The War on Drugs back in 2008 after the release of his self-recorded debut album Constant Hitmaker garnered a fair amount of critical success. Since then, he has not turned back to his past band and instead fully embraced his solo career with […]

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs Review Royale: Mosquito
16-Apr-13   By: Wes

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs Mosquito Wes’ Words: Like the Strokes, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs had a huge place in reviving rock music in the early 2000s. Also like the Strokes, the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s latest album stands as their worst to date, with a hammy comic book feel and a slew of repetitive retread songs. […]

Charles Bradley Q&A
15-Apr-13   By: Wes

Little by Listen: I saw you this summer at Millennium Park in Chicago, and I found your show to be really inspiring and also just really fun.  It was a free show, and a friend of mine and I always talk about how artists sometimes mail it in at these free shows where it isn’t […]

LxListening: Consistency is a Virtue
12-Apr-13   By: Austin

Keeping in line with our post yesterday, highlighting what we believe to be the ten best psychedelic rock albums of all time, I decided to cull a few choice nuggets from my personal library and say a few words.  Seeing as our list of albums yesterday stuck mostly to the classics (and understandably so), I […]

Top Ten Thursday: Best Psychedelic Albums of All Time
11-Apr-13   By: Todd

With the music trend increasingly shifting back to psychedelic rock lately, we decided to put our heads together to come up with our favorite psychedelic rock albums of ever. Surprisingly enough, every album on our list was released pre-1979 except Wes’ miss. I guess 60’s and 70’s were just a bit more focused on keeping […]

James Blake Review Royale: Overgrown
10-Apr-13   By: Wes

James Blake Overgrown Wes’ Thoughts: In 2011, the British boyish-faced James Blake divisively took the indie world by storm with his self-titled full-length debut, combining soulful R&B with deep rhythmic dubstep. I say divisively, because not everyone took to the varied and sensitive electronic music that Blake makes. For me, I was sold the first […]

Deerhoof Show Review
09-Apr-13   By: Todd

Deerhoof April 8, 2013 Lincoln Hall Chicago, IL Privileged are those who are granted with the gift of watching a band as talented as Deerhoof perform live. Back in 2007, when I was first introduced to them, I wasn’t fully aware of the impact they had already had in the music world. By that time […]

Cannibal Ox Releases New Material!!!
08-Apr-13   By: Austin

For the first time since 2001’s The Cold Vein, rap duo Cannibal Ox has released new music.  This is beyond exciting for a number of reasons.  The simplest reason lies in the fact that all three tracks on their new single, Gotham, are very very solid.  I haven’t hear one couplet from MC’s Vast Aire […]

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