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Breakin' it down one tune at a time

Public Service Announcement: Ticket Scalpers, You Are the Worst Kind of Human Being
20-Aug-14   By: Todd

We have all been there. Your favorite band is coming into town, and tickets go on sale at 9:00 AM on Friday morning. You are at your computer at 8:45 AM, just for good measure. is most likely, and most unfortunately, the place of purchase. At 8:55 AM you begin to refresh the webpage, just to make sure the ticket status has not been changed a few minutes early. At 8:56, you refresh again. 8:57, refresh, nothing. 8:58, refresh,

Courtney Barnett “Avant Gardener” Review
18-Aug-14   By: Wes

Courtney Barnett “Avant Gardener” 26-year-old Aussie Courtney Barnett brings a sound we haven’t heard for a while: street smart, radio-friendly rock music. Barnett’s first album, The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas, is actually two EPs smashed together, which is really just a collection of everything she has done up to this point. Something about this collection of EPs seems more honest and down-to-earth than the repackaged debut studio album. While I thought about covering the whole shebang, I

Perfume Genius Song Review: “Queen”
15-Aug-14   By: Austin

Perfume Genius “Queen” I was going to essentially just post the video for the lead single of the upcoming Perfume Genius album, Too Bright, and pretty much call it a day, but “Queen” is so exhilarating I had to at least write a few words. Mike Hadreas, the man behind Perfume Genius, is building himself quite a reputation.  Hadreas has always been brutally raw and honest in his music, but also kind of timid in his delivery.  If there are two

The 10 Best Ramones Songs
14-Aug-14   By: Wes

Strange as it sounds, the Ramones actually hurt themselves by arriving on the scene too good. Already fully formed, their 1976 debut The Ramones was the perfect sound for their street punk aesthetic. So when you arrive on the scene with a near perfect approach of what you do, where do you go from there? Similar to the Strokes, they released two more dominant albums in the same style in Rocket to Russia and Road to Ruin and a decent

Sturgill Simpson Show Review
13-Aug-14   By: Austin

Sturgill Simpson Off Broadway St. Louis, MO August 7, 2014 There were a lot of uncertainties when I went to see Sturgill Simpson at Off Broadway last Thursday night.  What would the crowd be like, more country or more hipster?  Would the crowd really be that big, considering the venue and type of artist?  What kind of energy would Simpson bring to the stage?  All these questions were answered, and I must say, I was much more impressed with Sturgill

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Book Review
12-Aug-14   By: Wes

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Jeff Chang Hip hop culture is often depicted as violent, greedy, and misogynistic, but by understanding its roots and the perspective of those delivering the material; you’ll find a very different story. Jeff Chang, a writer for The San Francisco Chronicle, The Village Voice, and Vibe, paints an extensive history from the late 60’s to the start of the new millennium on what were the circumstances that birthed hip hop, and how did it evolve and

LxListening: Spoon-fed
08-Aug-14   By: Wes

Editor’s Note: This is a repost from two years ago, that highlights some of my favorite Spoon songs and why. In the past, we have used these Friday playlists to highlight artists we love (the Beatles, Wu Tang Clan, Frank Ocean), and this week once again falls into that category. In getting an early First Listen of Britt Daniel of Spoon’s new side project Divine Fits (with Dan Boeckner from Wolf Parade and Sam Brown from New Bomb Turks), it

The 10 Best Spoon Songs
07-Aug-14   By: Todd

As I mentioned yesterday while reviewing their newest album They Want My Soul, Spoon is one of the more consistently good bands in modern music. They are never going to blow you away, but they will surely always satisfy. This is what made it slightly difficult, yet at the same time, somewhat easy to construct this list. A lot of Spoon songs fall on the same plane. Nonetheless, we did what we could, and here is what we came up

Spoon Review: They Want My Soul
06-Aug-14   By: Todd

In the four year gap between these Austin rockers’ last album Transference, a lot has seemed to have happened, but really, not much has seemed to change. Lead singer Britt Daniel formed supergroup Divine Fits in his time off, recording the new bands first album and taking them on tour along the way. Bassist Rob Pope toured with his other band The Get Up Kids, while multi-talent Eric Harvey recorded his first solo album. Finally, drummer/producer Jim Eno continued to

Jenny Lewis Review: The Voyager
05-Aug-14   By: Austin

Jenny Lewis The Voyager Between 2001 and 2008 Jenny Lewis released six albums; four with Rilo Kiley and two solo albums.  That is a pretty prolific output no matter who you are.  Since 2008 though, Lewis has only released I’m Having Fun Now with collaborator Jonathan Rice, until the release of The Voyager.  It is certainly better to have Jenny Lewis in your life than to not.  The Voyager is about what you would expect in diverse tone, but much

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