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Breakin' it down one tune at a time

LxL’s 10 Best Songs of 2016
31-Dec-16   By: Wes

  For our favorite songs of 2016, we are going to let the songs do the talking. We have included music videos and live performances for them, as well as an Apple Music playlist. Enjoy and Happy New Year! Apple Music Playlist Childish Gambino – “Redbone” Beck – “WOW” Car Seat Headrest – “Drunk Drivers … Continue reading "LxL’s 10 Best Songs of 2016"

LxL’s 10 Best Albums of 2016
31-Dec-16   By: Wes

I’m certainly not the first person to say 2016 was full of loss and turmoil, both with losing several music legends and the world experiencing all sorts of violence and tragedy. Some of our picks speak to that turmoil, whether it be speaking to police brutality and racism in our justice system, or the fear … Continue reading "LxL’s 10 Best Albums of 2016"

In Memoriam 2016: LxListening
15-Dec-16   By: Wes

2016 was not-so-great, and most pertinently here, it was the year the music died. Not only did we lose three stone-cold legends in David Bowie, Prince, and Leonard Cohen, we also lost many more way too soon.  So below is a brief tribute to some of those we will miss the most as well as … Continue reading "In Memoriam 2016: LxListening"

A Break from the Election Blues: LxListening
02-Nov-16   By: Wes

This election season couldn’t be over soon enough. This fall’s music has offered both a respite from the political ugliness and also has spoken straight to the urgency of it like the David Egger’s led 30 days for 30 songs now 40 songs in 40 days for a Trump-free America. Whether you are feeling righteous … Continue reading "A Break from the Election Blues: LxListening"

Frank Ocean’s Two Album Splash: Endless and Blonde
31-Aug-16   By: Wes

Frank Ocean Blonde and Endless New Orleans-born and L.A.-raised Frank Ocean has been one of the most consistently interesting and mysterious pop stars of the 2010’s. After helping shape the sound of boundary-pushing and controversial L.A. rap collective Odd Future, Ocean released his first mixtape, Nostalgia Ultra in 2011. Frank Ocean was then highly featured … Continue reading "Frank Ocean’s Two Album Splash: Endless and Blonde"

Songs for Peace: LxListening
11-Jul-16   By: Wes

Frankly, 2016 has been an awful year. It has felt like every news cycle brings a new tragedy: black lives being taken from police brutality in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis, police being shot in Dallas, and ISIS attacks in Baghdad, Istanbul, Orlando, Brussels, and San Bernadino. Fear, hatred, and anger is the language of the … Continue reading "Songs for Peace: LxListening"

Even in Losing, Ticketmaster Sets the Terrible Rules
06-Jul-16   By: Wes

If you are a frequent event attender like myself, you have probably gotten a handful of emails with the subject line “Schlesinger v. Ticketmaster Settlement.” This was a class-action lawsuit where someone actually took ticket monopoly Ticketmaster on and sued them for all their excessive and deceptive “processing” fees. For once, the good guys won … Continue reading "Even in Losing, Ticketmaster Sets the Terrible Rules"

LxL’s Top 10 Radiohead Songs
09-Jun-16   By: Wes

There are only a few acts in rock history that have been able to shape-shift and stay both relevant and innovative over a 20 year span. American chameleon Beck is certainly one, with his incredible new summer jam “Wow” certainly being an example of that, but Radiohead is the most notable from across the pond. Radiohead’s new … Continue reading "LxL’s Top 10 Radiohead Songs"

Car Seat Headrest Review: Teens of Denial
03-Jun-16   By: Wes

  In a year where politicians are promising to make things great again, the same could possibly be said about rock music. Like America, rock may no longer be the center of attention, rock critics constantly looking for a savior to bring rock back into the mainstream. While rock has been great all this time (with great … Continue reading "Car Seat Headrest Review: Teens of Denial"

LxL’s Surprise Album Power Rankings
18-May-16   By: Wes

This spring has been full of musical surprises like no other year. Five major artists announced and released albums as a surprise on short notice, and instead of breaking each of them down in separate reviews, we thought it best to rank and mini-review each album. So here are our spring 2016 surprise album power … Continue reading "LxL’s Surprise Album Power Rankings"

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