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Fantasy Writing Community

Fantasy Writing Discussions for July 29, 2015
29-Jul-15   By: Mythic Scribes

Gender-neutral royal titles? One of the fantasy worlds I’ve created is a vaguely medieval society which nonetheless has a much greater awareness and acceptance of non-binary,… Question about POV Character in an Upcoming Series How do you feel about the protagonist (the lone POV character in this case) in the first book not being the […]

Defining Human
26-Jul-15   By: Kassan Warrad

After a recent break from writing, I’m back in the chair and am assessing my unfinished stories and the world I’ve forged around them. One story in particular, The Rage Within, was written to explore a race called the Dagorans. They are a gray-skinned folk afflicted with a berserk-like rage. Sifting through my notes revealed […]

Fantasy Writing Discussions for July 20, 2015
20-Jul-15   By: Mythic Scribes

Can you Lose ‘it’? I’ll admit, I’ve been out of the game for a while- I haven’t written in nearly three years. I write here and there of coarse, small passages or a… Scenes that stay with you forever There are scenes that stay with you forever. Scenes that touch your heart or chill you […]

Writing With Confidence
18-Jul-15   By: A. Howitt

Developing one’s confidence as a writer isn’t easy. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I know my own path has been an arduous one, and confidence waxed and waned along the way. I read a fair amount of articles written by a variety of authors and bloggers, and in doing so, it’s become apparent […]

Fantasy Writing Discussions for July 13, 2015
13-Jul-15   By: Mythic Scribes

In need of help with scenes… So in my current story, I have run into a problem. It’s been hard for me to tell what to do with the scenes in the first chapter. Basically, it goes… How do you prefer your villain/antagonist to look and act? How would you prefer a quality villain to […]

Avoiding Fantasy Fatigue
11-Jul-15   By: Philip Overby

If you’re reading this article you might be thinking two things: 1. Why would a fantasy website feature an article about being burned out with fantasy? 2. I’m burned out on fantasy, so I want to see what this guy rants about. Well, to put this into perspective, I’m a life-long fan of fantasy, have […]

Real World Issues and Fantasy Literature: Police Forces
04-Jul-15   By: Featured Author

This article is by Thomas Cecil. I recently attended WisCon, a feminist SFF convention in Madison Wisconsin. I saw and heard a lot of great things, but one of the panels I keep thinking about is the one about policing and how we can use fiction, particularly science fiction and fantasy fiction, to help imagine […]

Fantasy Writing Discussions for June 23, 2015
23-Jun-15   By: Mythic Scribes

Getting Organized…? Hi everyone This is my first post. I’m happy to have found this forum. I have been working on an idea (inspiration?) for about 10 years. I have… How many characters are too many? I’ve had several fellow work shoppers suggest that I have too many characters. They have not been fantasy writers. […]

Embracing Discipline and Accountability
21-Jun-15   By: Brian DeLeonard

This is Father’s Day weekend, and I am a stay-at-home dad with three young sons and a daughter who will be born sometime next week. My Father’s Day commitment to them is my pledge, right now, to no longer let them, and the stress they cause me, keep me from writing. It’s time to embrace […]

Fantasy Writing Discussions for June 20, 2015
20-Jun-15   By: Mythic Scribes

Self-Published By Choice – interesting article I thought this was a nice summary of why one author chose to self-publish ( Her… Ideas for the Fey I just wanted to run some new ideas past you lovely folks, to see if you had some feedback that could fuel my imagination. So I thought up a… […]

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