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Fantasy Writing Community

Write More, Care Less?
21-Nov-15   By: Philip Overby

With November comes NaNoWriMo and by now many people are either realizing: a. they might have something worth salvaging. b. they have a steaming pile of crap. c. a and b d. none of the above I came to the conclusion a couple of years ago that having a steaming pile of crap can be […]

The Griffin: Call it a Chimera Comeback
15-Nov-15   By: Codey Amprim

Being naturally drawn to mythology and the Reniassance Festival as a wee kiddo really paved the way for my geekiness as an adult (no way, really?). And it was only a matter of time before I laid my eyes upon this fantastic creature. At first, I wasn’t sure what it was, but upon the shields […]

Don’t Let Quality Stop You Now
08-Nov-15   By: Nils Ödlund

It’s November. That means the NaNo is on. National Novel Writing Month. Write a novel in a month. In the case of the NaNo this means 50,000 words in thirty days. That’s a lot of words – unless you’re a full time writer, or very productive, or for some other reason you’re just used to […]

Concealing Your Awesomes
12-Oct-15   By: Kassan Warrad

“And there among the lofty peaks of the Sanandrin Mountains were the tombs of the Founding Kings carved into the living rock. The angels guard their entrances as they guarded their lives, and shield their bodies from the churning rot of time. When the winter passes into spring, the fresh melt carries the blessing of […]

To See A New World – How to Efficiently Write Descriptions
04-Oct-15   By: Featured Author

This article is by Autumn M. Birt. Have you read a classic novel recently? Or maybe have a child/nephew/cousin reading one of the touted best of the best in school? Something like Moby Dick or Ivanhoe, maybe even Pride and Prejudice or Wuthering Heights. If so, have you heard them complain about being bogged down […]

Anticipating Story Length
27-Sep-15   By: A. Howitt

I recently reconnected with some old projects, and was a little upset when I read them. One of the mistakes I’d made was incorrectly anticipating story length, and now it feels like those old stories, that I thought were done and buried, have risen from their graves to haunt me. Not only did I take […]

Warfare in Fantasy: Forgotten Logistics
20-Sep-15   By: Aaron Prince

Ever wonder how armies of tens of thousands of men spring up from the ground overnight like weeds? How these weedy men go clickity-clank across the landscape with few troubles? Do you question the ability of a feudal society to maintain said massive weed crops which they throw willy-nilly to the wind against one another? […]

Small Sparks of Life – Making Your World Feel Alive
13-Sep-15   By: Nils Ödlund

As a fantasy writer, you’re likely to create new and fascinating worlds for your stories to take place in. You have entirely new races, and their cultures and histories date back thousands of years. You have gods and religions, dragons and monsters, heroes and villains. You have magic. In short, you have a world. Now […]

The Obsessive Worldbuilder Quiz
06-Sep-15   By: Philip Overby

Do you spend weeks and weeks designing the ceremonial cloaks that your orcs wear for their Annual Wereboar BBQ? Do you sketch maps of obscure villages that haven’t existed in your world for thousands of years on napkins? Do you lie awake before bed and think, “I really should figure out how the ogres in […]

Fantasy Writing Discussions September 4, 2015
04-Sep-15   By: Mythic Scribes

Religion and Religious Classes I’ve been working on a religion for a culture in my world and I wanted to see what you guys thought and what your religions were like.It doesn’t… Names sound very similar to real words I’ve invented a language known as the dragon’s tougne which in their language is, Drach Mat. […]

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