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Fantasy Writing Community

Writing Outside Your Home
25-Sep-16   By: Nils Ödlund

A few months ago I wrote about how going for a walk can have a positive impact on your creativity (here). It’s time to build on that. How about bringing your writing tools with you? You could stop somewhere along the way to do a bit of writing. Sounds good? It is. Okay, correction, it’s […]

The Chosen One: Trope Reboot
18-Sep-16   By: Brian DeLeonard

We can use any storytelling trope to write powerful novels.  But there’s one trope that angers many readers because it’s close to cheating.  It takes an ordinary character, steals his or her agency, and shoehorns them into the conflict. It’s a trope for forcing an abrupt call to action. So let’s reboot the Chosen One. […]

Writing Groups 101
11-Sep-16   By: A. Howitt

Where there are writers, there will be writing groups. They may take any number of forms and serve various functions: feedback, support, learning, or commiseration. Anne Lamott, in her book Bird by Bird, compares a writing group to “one of those weird little families that we fashion out of whatever’s around us.” It’s so true. […]

How to Promote Your Latest Work With a Blog
27-Aug-16   By: Featured Author

This article is by Matt Banner. Writers have it simultaneously easier and harder in today’s world. On the one hand, it’s easier to get your work published and exposed to the world through the internet and through self publishing. On the other hand, this kind of all-inclusive access also results in a lot of competition […]

Magic on a Boat – Telling a Story Without Writing It
21-Aug-16   By: Featured Author

This article is by Sheila Wisz Ellayn. It was a beautiful summer evening on July 4th, 1862, when Reverend Robinson Duckworth began to row a boat on the Thames to take the Liddell sisters home, after having enjoyed a picnic earlier that day. The three young girls were the daughters of Henry Liddell, the Dean […]

Let’s Talk About Theme
13-Aug-16   By: Brian DeLeonard

Listen up fantasy writers: We need to talk more about literary themes. I know that themes are hard. In English class my teachers and probably yours talked about themes in a way that felt overthought, random, and forced. Some literary writers describe themes as a regimented dictum that defines every page of our novels like […]

Finishing That Endless Manuscript
08-Aug-16   By: Philip Overby

I’ve been working on the same story for months now. It’s the slowest I’ve ever written a single story in my whole life. What started out as a one-off short story evolved into a long short story, then a novelette, and now it’s looking like a novella by the time I’m finished. In some ways […]

Why You Should Care What Others Think
24-Jul-16   By: Kassan Warrad

So, you’ve completed your manuscript. Everything is clean. Pacing is solid. Tension is present. The plot is bulletproof. And, unlike my opening, you’re writing is mostly active. You’re ready for the big time. Ready to submit your work to agents or publishers, or both. Let’s do this! Hold up, young grasshopper. Rein in your enthusiasm […]

Your World in Ruin — Worldbuilding Without a Story
12-Jul-16   By: Kassan Warrad

In a recent trip to Palestine, I encountered a ruin. Playing amongst the ruins were two children. They were indifferent to the blocks of shaped stone worn down by time and wind. Indeed, by the growth of weeds and the trash strewn about, most were indifferent to it. But a story lay within. I ventured […]

Lessons of the Last Witch Hunter
10-Jul-16   By: Kassan Warrad

When The Last Witch Hunter first hit the theaters, the reviews were a mixed bag of complaints and acceptance. Many often stated that the movie entertained, but lacked the depth of a blockbuster offering. I have to admit, such reviews prevented me from watching the movie on the big screen. A recent international trip offered […]

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