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Fantasy Writing Community

Siege Weaponry: A Primer for Writers
25-May-15   By: Codey Amprim

The sound of steel clashing against steel rings in the distance. Smoke billows into the air, carrying the horrid stench of the battlefield. Through the fluttering tent entrance a muddied, bloodied, messenger runs in. “Commander, we have their fortress surrounded…” The commander rises from his plush, velvet seat, and adjusts his belt. “Splendid!” he exclaims. […]

Fantasy Writing Discussions May 19, 2015
19-May-15   By: Mythic Scribes

Topographical Maps One thing I struggle with is creating maps, especially with topographical features that are above the stick figure level of creativity. If… Troll Problems Note: This is about the piece I have going out to market, not anything I come up with for the Cliche Challenge if I’m needed as an alternate. Ok…. […]

How to Write a Compelling Story Using a Familiar Setting
17-May-15   By: Featured Author

This article is by Daniel Adorno. As a fantasy and scifi geek, the settings I choose for my stories are always quite imaginative. I want to transport the reader to some distant planet outside of our galaxy. Or to a magical realm with a deep history and interesting creatures like centaurs or wyverns flying around. […]

Fantasy Writing Discussions May 8, 2015
09-May-15   By: Mythic Scribes

Why am I so horrible at judging the quality of my writing? My hypothesis: When I finished the 4th draft of my novel, I honestly thought I’d send it to the editor; she’d make a couple of minor comments but offer mainly… “Diversity”: You can have it. Ok, that was a pretty click-baity title, but […]

Keeping Readers Reading (And Yourself Writing)
02-May-15   By: Philip Overby

It’s becoming easier and easier for people to put books down these days. With so many entertaining distractions in the world, writers have to fight for readers’ attention more than ever. Normally, I approach these articles only from the stance of a writer. However, today I’m going to wear two hats: one small writer’s beret […]

Fantasy Writing Discussions April 29, 2015
29-Apr-15   By: Mythic Scribes

Making Reader-Character Connection Recently my kid sister, soon to be entering high school, acquired the English assignment of writing her own fictional short story…. How do you do a rewrite Quick question for you guys. When you do a massive rewrite how do you go about it? Do you outline, pants it, or do something […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Descriptions – Part 2
26-Apr-15   By: Nils Ödlund

This is the second part of my Beginner’s Guide to Writing Descriptions. The first part can be found here. In this part of the guide I’m relying heavily on the belief that the best images and the strongest impressions we get from stories are those we create in our own minds. I’m sure there are […]

What Your Local Librarian Can Do for Authors
19-Apr-15   By: Featured Author

This article is by Jane Chirgwin. You might already use libraries for books, movies and internet, but have you considered how your local librarian can help you as an author? I’m a Library Director, so let me give you the inside scoop. (Side note: not everyone who works at a library is a librarian, just […]

Channel Your Inner Samurai – How Being an Author is Like Performing Martial Arts
04-Apr-15   By: Featured Author

This article is by K.S. Crooks. I began my life-long journey with martial arts at the age of eight, when my mother enrolled me in my first judo class. Being a very small boy, she thought that it would give me strength and confidence. It gave me those, plus much more. In high school I […]

Fantasy Writing Discussions March 29, 2015
29-Mar-15   By: Mythic Scribes

Ilium – cool plot/setting but weak characters Spoiler for Ilium by Dan Simmons below. Has anyone ever read a novel with a very interesting world and concepts and the plot kept you going, but… Writer or Observer? A lot of people talk about writing stories and developing characters, although for me personally, over the years […]

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