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Fantasy Writing Community

Fantasy Writing Discussions September 30, 2014
30-Sep-14   By: Mythic Scribes

Tips on Reading Faster I don’t know if I just suffer from some kind of attention problem or if I can’t stick with longer novels like I used to, but I’ve found increasingly… Having humans in a world where nothing is the same Is it acceptable to have humans in a world where no animal […]

Help! I Accidentally Wrote a Novel
28-Sep-14   By: A. Howitt

Okay, so the story wasn’t an accident, but its length was. I searched for any way to pass lonely Wisconsin winter hours while my coworkers paced an empty showroom floor, waiting for clients who needed a vehicle badly enough to brave low temperatures and icy streets. I hated all of it. In fact, I never […]

Fantasy Writing Discussions September 22, 2014
22-Sep-14   By: Mythic Scribes

Story v. narrative I’ve been struggling lately with have a story, a series of events undertaken by characters, but no good ideas of how to craft them into a narrative…. Stories containing too much World-building Inspired by the ‘why world-building matters’ thread– I was honestly wondering if too much world-building is an actual problem, or […]

Producing Developed Worlds in Cross-Genre Fiction
21-Sep-14   By: Featured Author

This article is by Selah Janel. There are a lot of reasons to write cross-genre books. While many stories thrive on rigid classification, many authors find that their potential readership increases by incorporating different genre elements. Cross-genre fiction is a way to stretch boundaries and challenge yourself. In a world where these plots are embraced […]

Fantasy Writing Discussions September 17, 2014
17-Sep-14   By: Mythic Scribes

Ready for an Editor? K.M.Weiland, who is a font of writing advice, has a good interview on discussing when to know you’re ready for an editor. I particularly… Why does world building matter? To what extent does worldbuilding effect your story, and why? It seems like a lot of writers in fantasy try to […]

Secondary Characters: An Important Tool in a Writer’s Toolkit
14-Sep-14   By: Featured Author

This article is by AE Jones. One of the hardest jobs for a writer is to pull a reader into their story. I mean, really, really suck them in until they think of the story as a world they can escape to and revel in for hours. And how do writers do this successfully? By […]

Fantasy Writing Discussions September 10, 2014
10-Sep-14   By: Mythic Scribes

44. Kevin Hearne Discussion Closing in on 50 authors from the original list (100 of the Best Fantasy Authors according to Reddit). Number 44 is Kevin Hearne best known for his… Your Writing Sins Maybe we had a post like this before, but I haven’t seen one recently. (The Mythic Scribes Blood Pact? Which is […]

Magical Creatures for Magical Worlds: The Minotaur
07-Sep-14   By: Alice Leiper

If ever you are stuck for ideas, look to Greece. In the ancient myths and legends of Greece, there are intriguing prophecies, clever generals, jealous deities, inventive punishments – and frightening beasties. Herodotus is a favourite of mine for such tales, but there’s plenty to draw from. The plays of Euripides and Sophocles, or for […]

Fantasy Writing Discussions September 4, 2014
03-Sep-14   By: Mythic Scribes

New Map Tool I played around with the map tool (still in beta) and it seems pretty sweet. It takes an hour or so for your signup to clear and I had to use FireFox… Villages in forests So I want there to be a Village in the middle of a forest in my story. […]

Where True Blood Went Wrong: A Cautionary Tale for Writers
31-Aug-14   By: Nathan Lauffer

I am a strong believer in the power of stories.  Because of that, I look up to storytellers.  So much so, that I’m doing something very painful right now.  I’m writing about something I no longer care about… True Blood. Why am I doing this? I’ve taken on the job of helping writers by showing […]

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