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Fantasy Writing Community

Writing In a Foreign Language – Like English
30-Aug-15   By: Nils Ödlund

I have a confession to make. It’s probably not a big deal to anyone, except to me – specifically to me as a writer. So, here goes: I’m not a native English speaker. I was born, and grew up, in Sweden. I learned Swedish first and didn’t start learning English in school until I was […]

Fantasy Writing Discussions August 26, 2015
26-Aug-15   By: Mythic Scribes

Writing Problems! Yay! I’ve been having a ridiculously annoying problem with my writing recently. Everytime I get the first section of one of my books written and the major… Single Bad Guy = Source of all Evil? So I am working on forming all the “back-lore” of my world and I might have come across […]

Do Writers Really Need to Know Theory?
16-Aug-15   By: John Wong

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had ideas for stories. When I was young, many involved Gary-Sue-ing myself into my favorite TV shows and movies, as a security officer with Borg implants on ST:NG or as a cryogenically frozen Jedi from the Old Republic. As I got older, my desire to explore […]

Fantasy Writing Discussions for August 11, 2015
11-Aug-15   By: Mythic Scribes

Music That Helps you Write? Whenever I write, I tend to listen to music as I do it. The music usually relates to whatever I’m writing so it can help me get in the mood. Anyone… Tolkien from Beyond the Grave Here’s something for you all. I just now heard about it.  The Story of […]

3 Easy Steps to Crafting a Language for Your Fantasy Novel
09-Aug-15   By: Featured Author

This article is by Daniel Adorno. Have you read an epic fantasy novel recently? Ever notice how every race in a fantasy world must have a unique culture, history, and language? It’s almost unheard of to not include each of these aspects in the genre. It’s become a convention fantasy readers have expected since the […]

Fantasy Writing Discussions for August 5, 2015
04-Aug-15   By: Mythic Scribes

North American Folkloric Creatures in a Fantasy? Do you guys think adding mythical creatures of North America to a fantasy universe is a good idea? I’ve rarely seen it been done and I assume it’s… Superhero Story I just wanted a little advice on something I’m writing. I’m doing a superhero story in my own […]

How to Plan and Write a Conversation
02-Aug-15   By: Nils Ödlund

A while back, I came across the following question: How do you write so much dialogue without it getting boring? Conversations and dialogue are perhaps the biggest parts of my stories. It’s where things happen – in the interaction between the characters. I write a lot of conversations, and I’ve put a fair bit of […]

Fantasy Writing Discussions for July 29, 2015
29-Jul-15   By: Mythic Scribes

Gender-neutral royal titles? One of the fantasy worlds I’ve created is a vaguely medieval society which nonetheless has a much greater awareness and acceptance of non-binary,… Question about POV Character in an Upcoming Series How do you feel about the protagonist (the lone POV character in this case) in the first book not being the […]

Defining Human
26-Jul-15   By: Kassan Warrad

After a recent break from writing, I’m back in the chair and am assessing my unfinished stories and the world I’ve forged around them. One story in particular, The Rage Within, was written to explore a race called the Dagorans. They are a gray-skinned folk afflicted with a berserk-like rage. Sifting through my notes revealed […]

Fantasy Writing Discussions for July 20, 2015
20-Jul-15   By: Mythic Scribes

Can you Lose ‘it’? I’ll admit, I’ve been out of the game for a while- I haven’t written in nearly three years. I write here and there of coarse, small passages or a… Scenes that stay with you forever There are scenes that stay with you forever. Scenes that touch your heart or chill you […]

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