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Fantasy Writing Community

What Writers Can Learn From Soaping
23-Nov-14   By: Featured Author

This article is by A.L.S. Vossler. Recently, I took up the hobby of soaping, which, as you might guess, is making soap. There are three ways of making soap: hand-milled, cold process, and hot process. Hand-milled, which is also known as melt-and-pour, basically involves taking a soap base which someone else has already prepared, and […]

Fantasy Writing Discussions November 20, 2014
20-Nov-14   By: Mythic Scribes

Suggestions for Thirteen Core Disciplines… Anybody have any suggestions for thirteen disciplines in which my fantasy race would train? At first, I thought of listing the ones I came up with,… Can I use dark elves? Hey all, I’m sorry if this is the wrong forum for this. I’m curious if I’m allowed to use […]

Beta Readers: The Unsung Heroes of Literature
16-Nov-14   By: Featured Author

This article is by Julian Saheed. There is a reason we all leave space for acknowledgments in the first few pages of our books. Though our names appear on the front covers as the architects of the story, there are those who check to make sure the final product is what people want. Those whose […]

Fantasy Writing Discussions November 12, 2014
12-Nov-14   By: Mythic Scribes

Feedback for my magic system I’m still new to fantasy and world building and I’m trying to make a magic system. I have a bit of an idea in mind… Building an organic(literally) Magic system? There several different magic systems in my WIP, the one used by the demons has left me scratching my head […]

30 Ways to Resuscitate a Dying NaNoWriMo Novel
09-Nov-14   By: Philip Overby

If you’ve done National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) you know there sometimes comes a point when you think, “Why in the hell am I doing this?” This is a normal feeling albeit a demoralizing one. You’ve been tap-tapping away when suddenly the juice runs out, the muse falls off her glittery pegasus, or writer’s block […]

Fantasy Writing Discussions November 6, 2014
06-Nov-14   By: Mythic Scribes

Tablo: Watch Writers Write That’s a tagline I added myself, but Tablo markets itself as kind of a Youtube for writers. It’s a way to read stories as they’re being written,… Thoughts on chapter headers? So while awaiting finalization of the business end of my first novel, I browsed over the beginning part of my […]

How to Balance Creativity with Story
02-Nov-14   By: Brian DeLeonard

Surprising a reader requires that an author think differently from others.  As I mentioned in my previous article, being creative means finding new material to trigger ideas in your mind, or digging deeper for ideas in the material you have.  But when I showed my post to my wife, she referred to it as the […]

Fantasy Writing Discussions October 30, 2014
30-Oct-14   By: Mythic Scribes

Starting with a dream I know starting a story with a dream is generally a terrible idea. You get immediately hooked by all this interesting stuff going on, then you… Back burners flooding over. Last week I had my kid brother hide the printed version of my work and my father hide my external hard […]

NaNoWriMo: Four Weeks of Marathon Writing
26-Oct-14   By: A. Howitt

I heard about nano (National Novel Writing Month) after a decade as an isolated writer. I was already a member of a writers’ forum and had for a year been a dedicated, daily writer. But 50k words in a month? It still felt like a daunting task. As November approaches, I’d like to share my […]

Fantasy Writing Discussions October 20, 2014
20-Oct-14   By: Mythic Scribes

Cover art / artists I don’t have a lot of faith in the company that is doing my cover art…they seem to mostly be using stock images…any suggestions for good… Change POV Is it okay if you suddenly change the POV from first person to a narrator? Chapter/POV structure So I have a question about […]

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