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The Barefoot Accountant on Accounting, Taxes, QuickBooks, & American Politics....the Truth, the Whole Truth, & Nothing but the Truth!

TurboTax accounts hacked, delaying tax refunds, compromising personal information, impairing credit rating
07-Mar-15   By: William Brighenti

Online criminals have been systematically targeting TurboTax, filing fraudulent tax returns of individuals, and diverting their tax refunds to prepaid debit, cards, stealing their personal information, and using and impairing their credit ratings. Continue reading

Are accountants the future anthropologists of the cyber era?
01-Mar-15   By: William Brighenti

Are accountants destined to be the anthropologists of the cyber era? Gillian Tett appears to suspect such. Continue reading

Don’t let a stooge prepare your income tax returns.
11-Feb-15   By: William Brighenti

Does a stooge prepare your income tax returns? Watch the Three Stooges prepare a tax return and learn from them. Don't be a stooge: hire a CPA to prepare your next tax return! Continue reading

Alayne Fleischmann blows whistle on JPMorgan Chase massive criminal securities fraud
24-Nov-14   By: William Brighenti

A year ago this month the U.S. Department of Justice announced that the banking giant JPMorgan Chase would avoid criminal charges by agreeing to pay $13 billion to settle claims that it had routinely overstated the quality of mortgages it … Continue reading

Connecticut Department of Labor: SNAFU!
14-Nov-14   By: William Brighenti

Are you as an employer having trouble paying online your unemployment compensationtaxes with the Connecticut Department of Labor? SNAFU. Continue reading

Berlin looks to build $21 million police department
26-Aug-14   By: William Brighenti

The Berlin police department is looking to build a new facility, but some residents don't think spending $21 million should even be considered. Continue reading

Residents Oppose Cost of Berlin Police Department Move to Bigger Space
26-Aug-14   By: William Brighenti

William Brighenti, who founded the Berlin Property Owners Association, argued that the town can’t afford a new police headquarters, and police should look to clear space in their current building. He thinks one way to accomplish this is to get rid of tactical gear. Continue reading

Is Hillary Clinton an elitist? Do you charge $300,000 for a speech, and get a private jet, presidential suite at a luxury hotel, meals, etc.?
19-Aug-14   By: William Brighenti

Is your standard charge for a speech $300,000?  According to an article appearing on the website of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, and a May 31, 2013 email, Clinton’s standard contract usually includes: Round-trip transportation on a chartered private jet “e.g., a Gulfstream … Continue reading

Another reason why I will not renew my subscription with Intuit for ProSeries tax software
16-May-14   By: William Brighenti

Are you a taxpreparer who is unsatisfied with the quality of Intuit's ProSeries tax software program? I am not a happy user of ProSeries tax software. Choose your tax software carefully. I will be searching for an alternative tax software vendor for the year 2014. Continue reading

Town of Berlin, Connecticut’s Annual Budget and Democratic Process
26-Apr-14   By: William Brighenti

The Town of Berlin Connecticut continues to raise property taxes in the face of a never-ending recession. The Berlin Property Owners Association has been speaking out against these increases in property taxes. Recorded herein are four speeches by residents of the Town of Berlin at the first Town Council meeting subsequent to the Town Council's approval of an increase in property taxes, resulting from giving raises to virtually all town employees, who are already very well compensated. Continue reading

Summary of Staff Discussion Draft: International Business Tax Reform
20-Nov-13   By: William Brighenti

Senator Max Baucus, Chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance, releases a staff discussion draft on international business tax reform. Continue reading

Have you ever noticed that the Internal Revenue Service’s regulations often are illogical?
20-Aug-13   By: William Brighenti

Have you ever noticed that the Internal Revenue Service's regulations often are illogical? Does anyone at the IRS think through its regulations? Continue reading

Are you experiencing long waits calling the IRS?
17-Aug-13   By: William Brighenti

I am still holding on a call to the Internal Revenue Service, even though I called (800) 829-0115 two hours ago. This telephone number is the one often included in notices from the Internal Revenue Service for overdue business taxes. … Continue reading

Thinking of using TurboTax to file your tax returns? Think again. The Minnesota Department of Revenue advises against using Intuit software to file tax returns!
09-Mar-13   By: William Brighenti

Thinking of using TurboTax to file your tax returns? Think again. The Minnesota Department of Revenue advises against using Intuit software to file tax returns! It found unacceptable errors in Intuit tax software, including TurboTax, ProSeries, Lacerte, and Intuit online. Continue reading

Amy Goodman interviews Tavis Smiley, Cornel West on the 2012 Election & Why Calling Obama “Progressive” Ignores His Record. Democracy Now: Friday, November 9, 2012.
16-Nov-12   By: William Brighenti

Cornel West and Tavis Smiley criticize President Barack Obama for being to the right of even President Richard Nixon. Continue reading interview of Glenn Greenwald on the next four years with President Obama. Greenwald predicts “it’s all going to get much worse”.
16-Nov-12   By: William Brighenti

Glenn Greenwald predicts over the next four years that "it's all going to get much worse", with President Obama shifting politically more to the right while the Democratic base continues to support him. Continue reading

Why you should not vote for Barack Obama for President, and why you need to vote for Rocky Anderson
06-Nov-12   By: William Brighenti

Barack Obama promised to change the way things work in Washington, and after four years, nothing has changed: Corporate money controls President Obama and Congress. We need real change: vote for Rocky Anderson. Continue reading

President Obama says that he cannot change Washington from the inside
05-Nov-12   By: William Brighenti

After being elected in 2008 on "hope and change", "change you can believe in", and "change the way Washington works", President Obama now says that he cannot change Washington from the inside? Then why should we re-elect him in 2012? Continue reading

The video Linda McMahon, Connecticut Republican candidate for the US Senate, may not want you to see?
27-Oct-12   By: William Brighenti

Linda McMahon is running for the US Senate in Connecticut. For twenty (20) years, she ran World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) with her husband, Vince McMahon. A few years ago, a documentary film examined the WWE's celebration of violence against women. Her campaign doesn't want Connecticut voters to see that film. Watch these excerpts from the film to see why. Continue reading

Cenk Uygur says President Obama will definitely cut the entitlements of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid
02-Oct-12   By: William Brighenti

On the Young Turks, Cenk Uygur quotes passages from Bob Woodward's book, "The Price of Politics", quoting statements made by President Obama proving that he intends to cut entitlements like social security, medicare, and medicaid. Continue reading

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