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Arts Integration and STEAM Professional Development

How to Transition like an Artist
25-Jul-14   By: Susan Riley

Are you in the middle of a transition in your life?  Maybe it’s moving from one school to another, or finding out that you are moving from a classroom to a cart (eek!), or maybe it’s a personal shift in your relationships.  For the first time in my career, I am noticing more people in my life are transitioning than ever before.  Some of my friends are changing positions in their districts, some are struggling […]

New Professional Development Platform: EC Learning Studios
24-Jul-14   By: Susan Riley

It’s finally arrived! Today, we’re opening up the Learning Studios at EducationCloset!  NOW OPEN! EXPLORE THE PLATFORM HERE. Take a Tour of our New Online Studio Space   ALL of our online courses are offered for CPUs whenever and wherever you want access.  No more set opening dates or assignment due dates.  You work through a course when it’s convenient for YOU.  We’ve changed up the assignments to become learning activities and included online quizzes […]

Connectivity Conference Recap
23-Jul-14   By: Susan Riley

As we come up for air from our incredible 2014 Connectivity Online Conference event, we wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU for the awesome support, ideas, and positive energy from the day and beyond.  It is no small feat to host an event like this, but it’s not even close to possible without all of you.  All of us here at the EdCloset team are humbled and grateful by your continued connection with […]

Everybody Dance!
23-Jul-14   By: Deirdre Moore

Summer may have officially begun on June 21st but my summer vacation is just beginning.  The final performance at the school where I was working has been completed, the fifth graders have been promoted and all students and teachers have gone home to enjoy a little well-deserved rest and relaxation.  I finally get to join the rest of the educators who had already started their summer vacation! Summer for educators should be for recreation or […]

Online STEAM Conference LIVE FEED
22-Jul-14   By: Susan Riley

It’s finally here!  Today is the day of our online Connectivity Conference: gathering STEAM!  We will be immersed in this conference all day and are jumping up and down with excitement for the presenters, the exhibitors, the content and of course – all of the incredible giveaways and hands-on demonstrations.  This is going to be AMAZING!     If you weren’t able to sign up for the conference, we don’t want you to miss out […]

Unpacking: Literally & Figuratively
21-Jul-14   By: Typhani Harris

On Tuesday, my best friends came over to help me pack for my cross-country adventure. We began filling boxes with books, pictures, and memories. For about the first hour it was exciting and we were moving at a good pace; removing items from the walls, the shelves, the cupboards. And then I looked up. All of a sudden I realized that all the things that made my house a home, were now gone, and all […]

Emulate Don’t Imitate
18-Jul-14   By: Rob Levit

Emulate rather than imitate. Look deeply into an idea or technique then leap and make it your own. Imitation beyond the point of initial mastery means we lack of trust in our own creative voice. We often believe that it is easier to copy pre-existing work and styles and receive praise for it than to express our own voice and fail. Why? It’s the ego hard at work convincing us that somehow we are unworthy […]

Stepping Outside of Your Curriculum Comfort Zone
18-Jul-14   By: Brianne DeFrang

When I speak with teachers about arts integration strategies, one of the initial concerns teachers express is a lack of comfort with the idea of teaching outside of their content area. This concern is understandable and fairly deeply engrained in us. We spend four years in an educational program focused primarily on our content. We spend countless hours in professional development and graduate courses honing our craft. We pour our time and energy into planning […]

STEAM Resource Roundup: July
17-Jul-14   By: Susan Riley

Are you looking for some ways to STEAM up your summer or to learn more about this exciting integrated approach?  We’ve gathered up our favorite resources this month which focus on bringing the arts in and through STEM.  Everything from tools to books to conference and classes is covered right here.  Take a look! Conferences: Teacher Art Retreat 2014 St. James Lodge, Hampton NH | August 4-6, 2014   Summer Vision DC 2014 Washington, DC […]

Transitions: It’s What’s In Between That Counts
16-Jul-14   By: Deirdre Moore

The transition is the true telltale of a seasoned performer.  It is what separates a good performer from a great one.  For example, I love to watch actors when they are not speaking – especially stage actors.  I love to see how they hold their bodies, how they react to what’s happening around them.  When an actor says a line and then ceases to be that character until s/he speaks again, the illusion is lost.  […]

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