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Arts Integration and STEAM Professional Development

How to use Standards Based Grading in the Arts
27-Jan-15   By: Susan Riley

Are you being asked to use Standards Based Grading?  Many schools are shifting to using this approach to assessment and report cards, but as so often happens, there is little shared about how to implement this in the arts.  When looking at the systems that accompany Standards Based Grading, it can be so easy to be overwhelmed.  After all, who has time to set up grade books, rubrics, and topic maps for each standard for hundreds […]

It’s not the Change it’s the Transition
26-Jan-15   By: Typhani Harris

Transition is just a fancy word for: things are about to change!  We have all been on the precipice of change, and in the words of Bridges (2009), “it isn’t the changes that do you in, it’s the transitions”.  The reason being, as Bridges (2009) puts it, the change is situational whereas the transition is psychological, and he places this psychological move into three phases, ending losing letting go, the neutral zone, and the new […]

Refocus, Revamp, Revitalize
23-Jan-15   By: Brianne DeFrang

This has been a year of change in my music room. New standards. A new grade level structure, which integrates 4th and 5th graders together in music class. A new problem-based-learning initiative that asks every teacher to plan and implement a fully developed PBL experience, including research and a panel presentation. Even with over a decade of teaching experience, it impossible to encounter this much change and not feel like a novice teacher all over again. We […]

STEAM LEADERSHIP: Making Adjustments to Your Professional Development Plan
22-Jan-15   By: Greg Pilewski

As leaders begin to transition to the next phase of the academic year, the third and fourth marking periods, reflecting on their professional development plans are a natural part of continuous improvement.  Therefore, how are you evaluating your professional development and making adjustments?  Many leaders often find that they don’t have the time or expertise to devote to evaluating their professional development effectively.  “We have a professional development day coming up so we need to quickly plan something.  What […]

Transitions: Guiding the Flow of Learning
21-Jan-15   By: Deirdre Moore

Colors, soft colors Gently are falling Magically making Everything bright! That’s a transition that I used recently in one of my early childhood music and movement classes.  It’s a rhythmic chant whose original lyrics are: Snowflakes, soft snowflakes Gently are falling Magically making Everything white. By changing the words to the chant when we’ve completed work on that chant with finger play, I can continue to reinforce the rhythm of the original while taking out […]

Using Infographics to Integrate Common Core and the Arts
20-Jan-15   By: Susan Riley

Have you ever looked at those amazing infographics on social media sites or websites and thought “I wonder how they did that”?  Many professional sites create their own from scratch using professional software, BUT I have great news!  There’s a not-so-secret free web tool out there that makes creating a beautiful infographic a snap.  It’s called Piktochart and it’s one of my new favorite creation-tools.  In fact, I created our Year in Review infographic using […]

Standard 6: Lessons & Assessments
19-Jan-15   By: Typhani Harris

This month we will be exploring Standard_6: Convey meaning through the presentation of artistic work. Anchor standard  6 focuses on the artistic process of performing with the component of presenting.  The enduring understanding is how dance performance is an interaction between performer, production elements, and audience that heightens and amplifies artistic expression  Although the anchor standard does not change as the grade level progresses the expectation continues to advance. In unpacking this standard we need […]

Unpacking the Core Arts Standards for Music
16-Jan-15   By: Brianne DeFrang

With the release of the new National Core Arts Standards in June of 2014, like many arts teachers, I’ve spent a great deal of time throughout the fall semester pondering the implications these standards will have on instruction in the arts (see my post from November 2014). While only a few states have officially adopted these new standards, many of us have spent some time testing the waters, and now that we’ve had some time […]

Voices from the Field: Wiley Magnet Middle School
15-Jan-15   By: Greg Pilewski

This year, EducationCloset will be featuring school, district, state, and non-profit leaders that are breaking new ground with implementing STEAM/arts integration in their communities. This special series “Voices from the Field” will illustrate leaders that are on the cutting edge of the STEAM/arts integration movement and we will share some of their successes, challenges, solutions, and leadership lessons as a way to help support others. Check out and follow these STEAM Leaders!    School Name: […]

The Three R’s of School Resumption
14-Jan-15   By: Deirdre Moore

Do either you and/or your students find it hard to get back into the swing of things after a two week school vacation?  By this time in January most elementary, middle and high schools have been back in session for about a week after winter vacation.  The district in which I work does things a little differently.  Some schools in the district are on the traditional school calendar year and are already back in session.  […]

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