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Arts Integration and STEAM Professional Development

Behavioral Literacy through Drama
07-Oct-15   By: Deirdre Moore

Behavior management is the big bugaboo for many a teacher.  It can make or break you since without good management you cannot create a positive learning environment and get to the business of teaching.  Many years ago I discovered something called Responsive Classroom and I fell in love with the approach because it centers on empowering the child, it stresses the importance and power of language used by the teacher and it reminds the teacher […]

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PD Periscope: Secrets to a Successful STEAM Lesson from Start to Finish
06-Oct-15   By: Susan Riley

Have you ever had that moment when everything went right in your lesson?  It was like clockwork – the students were excited, the content was rich, and everything just flowed from one area to the next.  Remember that? Now…why doesn’t that happen every time?  That would make our life so much easier!  What I have found is that this kind of flow only happens when there is a specific and intentional sequence in place for […]

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Can Dancing Boost Brainpower?
06-Oct-15   By: Dyan Branstetter

We all know that dancing promotes better physical health because of its fitness benefits. We know that it is a beautiful art form that allows individuals to express themselves in ways that words cannot. And, more than that, I believe that dance can also boost brainpower. Last year, I participated in many IEP meetings for students who were having trouble retaining information and consequently not making expected growth, even with best practice instruction. Both our […]

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Top 5 Strategies for a Smooth Structure
05-Oct-15   By: Typhani Harris

After a month in my new position, I have had the opportunity to observe many classrooms each with varying teacher personalities and even more student dynamics.  But with each classroom, I found that there are a few things that work in just about every situation.  I have compiled the top 5 strategies, for new and veteran teachers, to building a smooth structure in the classroom.  Every Student Every Day The first, and most important, strategy […]

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Arts Integrated ELA Lesson Seeds: Sample Curriculum Map
02-Oct-15   By: Brianne DeFrang

Last spring, I shared a sample curriculum map integrating Common Core math standards and the arts. In the arts integrated classroom, careful planning to authentically align standards from Common Core and arts contents is key, and curriculum mapping is a wonderful tool to help make those connections. So today, in the name of equity, I’d like to share a sample ELA arts integrated curriculum map that you might be able to use and/or adapt for […]

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The Power of a Professional Learning Network
01-Oct-15   By: Matt and Laura Grundler

What a difference a year makes when you develop a professional learning network via social media.  Matt and I discovered twitter in September 2014 and I guess that means we just celebrated our one year twitterversary.  What’s our obsession with Twitter?  We’ve gone from not knowing what a hashtag was to moderating our own chat and why?  Because of the professional learning network we’ve developed, it’s all about relationships that grow us professionally and connections […]

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SparkChasers Podcast: A Winning Lesson Every Time
01-Oct-15   By: Susan Riley

It’s here – the final episode of season 3 on SparkChasers.  What an incredible ride!  This has been our most popular season yet, with more shares, comments, emails and subscribers than ever before.  Thank you for tuning in with us each week! To celebrate our big conclusion to the Creative Process, today I’m sharing with you my “secret-sauce” recipe for a winning lesson every time.  You can use this with arts integration lessons or in […]

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Could Agency Be the Key?
30-Sep-15   By: Deirdre Moore

How do we make kids want to come to school?  How do we make them feel truly invested in their own learning?  I have been thinking about this a great deal lately and I keep coming back to agency.  At a school where I work, tardiness and absenteeism are a serious issue.  So are lack of family involvement in the school and student achievement.  It’s not that I think that agency is a cure-all but […]

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Periscope PD: Expanding Sentences Strategy
29-Sep-15   By: Susan Riley

Who couldn’t use a new arts integration strategy to put in their bag of tricks?  Today’s Periscope PD is from the session I shared last Tuesday evening all about the Expanding Sentences strategy.  In this short, 10 minute video, I explain how we can take a common reading strategy and use it to help our students take their artistic work to the next level. What’s great about this is that you can use it as a […]

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Thumbnail Sketches using Edmodo
29-Sep-15   By: Dyan Branstetter

If I had to choose just one aspect of technology that has changed the way I teach, it would have to be Edmodo ( This digital classroom is easy to set up and navigate, and it’s free! It is a fantastic way for me to connect with my students online and help their learning continue even after the school day ends. It is also a private, Facebook-like place for just my students, so I can […]

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