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Arts Integration and STEAM Professional Development

Think Like An Artist
22-Oct-14   By: Deirdre Moore

As arts educators, we want our students to see themselves as artists and develop the habits of mind to behave as artists do, engaging in all stages of the creative process.  The new National Core Arts Standards are written in such a way as to help teachers facilitate that very process.  In case you haven’t looked at the standards yet, the authors created 4 basic categories (Creating, Performing/Presenting/Producing, Responding and Connecting) and wrote general anchor […]

Masking Mirrors: Arts Integration Lesson
21-Oct-14   By: Susan Riley

As we quickly approach the end of October, we’re also getting closer to a day that has historical significance in a variety of cultures around the world.  October 31st is celebrated as Halloween here in the United States, but is also part of the Dia de los Muertos festival in many Latin American countries.  This can be a day of controversy depending on your district or school, and sometimes we are a bit tentative about utilizing […]

Standard 3: Lessons & Assessments
20-Oct-14   By: Typhani Harris

This month we will be looking at Standard_3 :Refine and Complete Artistic Work Anchor standard 3 focuses on the artistic process of creating with the component of revision.  The enduring understanding is how choreographers analyze, evaluate, refine, and document their work to communicate meaning.  Although the anchor standard does not change as the grade level progresses the expectation continues to advance. In unpacking this standard we need to analyze what our students need to know, understand, and […]

Music as Text: A Closer Look
17-Oct-14   By: Brianne DeFrang

It’s been established that art can serve as text to align to or interact with ELA standards, but today I want to explore a little more deeply exactly what that might look like in an elementary music classroom. Just as the Common Core is a departure from curriculum that is “a mile wide and an inch deep” by requiring students to engage in curriculum on a much deeper level, the Core Arts Standards also suggest […]

STEAM Leadership: Tell a Story to Inspire Your Staff to Innovate with “Lion Lights”
16-Oct-14   By: Greg Pilewski

Communicating and expressing your ideas to convey your STEAM vision, direction, message, or insight are all part of your job as an effective STEAM leader.  Public speaking to others in meaningful ways, whether that is your leadership team, your staff, or your community, can motivate others to the next level of performance.  Motivation is a key ingredient and a key part of employee commitment in sustaining any high performing organization.  Therefore, what story are you telling? I was recently reading […]

What’s in a Song?
15-Oct-14   By: Deirdre Moore

Row, row, row your boat Gently down the stream.   Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily Life is but a dream.   That’s a popular easy-to-sing tune many people know which makes it a great song to use in the classroom.  When I was teaching first grade I used it to line my students up to transition out of the classroom. Getting into line Ready for the hall. Our eyes are up, our hands are back And […]

Writing Mix-a-Lot Arts Integration Lesson
14-Oct-14   By: Susan Riley

Next week, we will be offering our second Online LIVE Event for Reading and Art Comprehension Strategies.  We’re so excited that Lisa and Jenny will be sharing some ideas for tying these two areas together in a way that honors both contents individually.  As our way of preparing for that event, today we’re sharing a lesson seed with you that ties together writing and theatre.  While reading and writing are separate pieces of the English/Language Arts bucket, […]

Writing Assessments that Encourage Critical Thinking
13-Oct-14   By: Typhani Harris

There are some definite aspects of dance education that are in need of simple memorization, however, once the memorization has occurred how do we work the concepts into the critical thinking process?  This week I am working on composing a midterm for my students, but I want it to be valuable, I want it to be measurable, and I want it to encourage critical thinking. Ideally, when using Understanding By Design, we begin with the […]

Common Core and the Arts: Teaching and Learning in Harmony
10-Oct-14   By: Brianne DeFrang

Harmony: the combination of different musical notes played or sung at the same time to produce a pleasing sound; a pleasing combination or arrangement of different things.  As I think about making natural connections between Common Core Standards and the arts, harmony is the word I keep coming back to. The arts and the Common Core can, and should, work in harmony.  So how does this work?  What are the connections between Common Core and […]

STEAM Leadership: Seven Steps to Supporting Your Implementation
09-Oct-14   By: Greg Pilewski

A group of colleagues of mine had the opportunity to attend the Public Education Leadership Project (PELP) at Harvard University some years ago.  One significant item that our district team brought back and began sharing with other system leaders was a problem-solving approach to improving performance.  Although some major system improvements resulted in the collaborative work our district team learned while at PELP, we never seemed to adopt and implement a problem-solving approach consistently across the entire district.  Why? Providing consistent […]

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