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Arts Integration and STEAM Professional Development

It’s All About Language: Communicating the Advocacy Message
27-Mar-15   By: Brianne DeFrang

As we have been talking about arts advocacy and the role of the arts in schools over the past month as part of Music in Our Schools Month and Arts Advocacy Day, there has been a recurring theme of making intentional choices about how we communicate our message of advocacy, and so much of it comes down to choices in language. Language has the power to be constructive or destructive. How does the language we […]

Sparkchasers Season 2: Episode 4 “Get Fuzzy”
26-Mar-15   By: Susan Riley

Did you ever see the cartoon series “Get Fuzzy”?  It’s kind of a modern take on Garfield, and as a person who has both a dog and a cat, the banter in the series gives me a great chuckle.  The idea that genius is both hard to hold onto and fuzzy around the edges rings true in every adventure of the pets and their owner. This concept is even more true when we’re talking about […]

Time: Don’t Spend It All In One Place
25-Mar-15   By: Deirdre Moore

My third grade art students and I tackled a new project I called kinetic art in the style of a Rube Goldberg machine to connect what they were learning in science about energy transfer to visual art.  Hearing the spontaneous applause or a “yeah!” from students as the last moving part had come to rest when a classmate shared a piece made me smile and was a great reminder (one I needed) how gratifying sharing […]

Revitalization Tips for Your Breaks
24-Mar-15   By: Susan Riley

Is it spring break yet?  If you’re lucky enough to still have some spring break days left after all the snow this year, I hope you are planning on doing something revitalizing during your time off.  This has always been tough for me since the work I do and the passions I have in my life are closely intertwined. Here’s what happens to me during break periods: 1. I sleep in for an extra hour […]

Coach’s Corner: The Art of Lesson Planning
23-Mar-15   By: Typhani Harris

A couple weeks ago I posted my first Coach’s Corner article addressing some of the prevalent issues my new teachers are facing, and I received a wonderful comment on the post from Brad Foust, he commented, “Surprisingly, far too many teachers, including veteran teachers, simply don’t write lesson plans anymore. They either use the teacher’s edition plans that come with whatever book they’re using, or use worksheets in the place of self-constructed lesson plans. When […]

ASCD 2015 LIVE from EdCloset
22-Mar-15   By: Susan Riley

We are so excited to be attending and presenting at this year’s ASCD annual conference in Houston, TX.  Today, we just finished up a presentation on the Innovation Flywheel and tomorrow, I’ll be giving a session about STEAM education.  One of the reasons we are so thrilled to be here is that we are able to connect with over 10,000 administrators and leaders on why the arts must be a priority if we are to […]

Strategies to Revitalize the Arts Advocate
20-Mar-15   By: Brianne DeFrang

Next week, arts advocates from across the country will meet in Washington, D.C. for Arts Advocacy Day to speak about the importance of promoting the arts through policy and funding. While many of us won’t make the journey to the capitol to advocate for the arts, there is much we do daily in our own settings to promote the arts. For this veteran teacher, the idea of arts advocacy is simultaneously exciting and exhausting. Engaging […]

Sparkchasers Podcast: Breaking through the Roadblocks
19-Mar-15   By: Susan Riley

Do you ever feel like you WOULD innovate and integrate if you COULD? That there are just some roadblocks that are just too overwhelming? In episode 3 of season 2 on Sparkchasers, we take a look at what is standing in your way (time, fear, silos – anyone?) and how to work through it in a practical way. This is one of my favorite things to talk about because roadblocks happen to all of us.  And […]

Happy Belated St. Patrick’s Day! Group Dancing for some Classroom Fun
18-Mar-15   By: Deirdre Moore

Happy Day After St. Patrick’s Day!  The Irish are all about storytelling, poetry, music and dancing so on the heels of such an arts-laden holiday and while we here at Education Closet have been talking about ways to re-inspire you (and your students) I feel I must put in a plug for the community-building experience of learning a social ethnic dance.  Because I was brought up in the tradition of Irish step dancing, when I […]

Leading an Arts Integration Effort
17-Mar-15   By: Susan Riley

In today’s episode of EducationCloset On-Demand, we’re helping leaders to tackle all of the moving pieces that are part of supporting an arts integration effort.  So many times, leaders ask me if they are doing it “right” and if they are in a good spot when it comes to arts integration.  My answer is always the same: there is no “right” or “wrong”.  This isn’t a formula or a checklist that you can check off and […]

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