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Arts Integration and STEAM Professional Development

Putting Lipstick on a Pig
22-Dec-14   By: Typhani Harris

Perception is so important, but what happens when school leadership is more concerned with the look of the school rather than the efficacy of the school?  It is imperative that the foundational and organization structure of a school is sound in order to successfully educate our students.  Without a strong foundation we are merely putting lipstick on a pig.  Yes it may look pretty, but it’s still a pig.  I have been struggling with this […]

5 Musical Works for the Literacy Classroom
19-Dec-14   By: Brianne DeFrang

During the month of December, we’ve been sharing some great books and resources for arts integration. Just in case your Arts Integrated wish list isn’t long enough, today I’d like to share a list of must-have music resources for those who would like to explore integrating music into literacy classroom! Generally speaking, music lends itself so naturally to accessing Common Core standards for ELA. We’ve explored using music as text to dig into ELA standards […]

STEAM Leadership: 8 Innovative Resources to Explore in 2015
18-Dec-14   By: Greg Pilewski

As we all begin to wrap up 2014 and look forward to the new and exciting possibilities of 2015 we have outlined 8 innovative resources that are worth a “deep dive” in 2015. These resources and more will be featured at our 2015 STEAM Connectivity Conference.  For more information and to register for the event click here!       1. Wacom Bamboo-This company offers so many cool products that can easily be utilized by […]

Arts Integration: It May Be Closer Than You Think
17-Dec-14   By: Deirdre Moore

I was recently admiring a collection of  “Winter Cards” made by a colleague’s 2nd and 3rd grade students.  It turns out the teacher was inspired by something he’d seen on Pinterest, construction paper pine trees spattered with white paint “snow”.   He wanted the students to practice their friendly letter writing and thought the Pinterest-inspired winter cards would give the students both an authentic audience and an opportunity to create some art.  If you are a […]

STEAM goes Interactive
16-Dec-14   By: Susan Riley

Today, I’m sharing one of my favorite tools for use in and out of the classroom.  ThingLink offers the ability to take any static image and transform it into an interactive, vibrant learning experience.  I love having students use it to document their discovery process – I have them use their own journal pages as the background image – and as a way to authentically assess their learning.  As a teacher, this becomes a way […]

Standard 5: Lessons & Assessments
15-Dec-14   By: Typhani Harris

This month we will be exploring Standard_5: Develop and refine artistic technique and work for presentation Anchor standard  5 focuses on the artistic process of performing with the component of embody.  The enduring understanding is how dancers use the mind-body connection and develop the body as an instrument for artistry and artistic expression.  Although the anchor standard does not change as the grade level progresses the expectation continues to advance. In unpacking this standard we […]

Connecting the Dots: Taking Concepts Across Curricular Lines
12-Dec-14   By: Brianne DeFrang

Each month, I feature a Composer of the Month in my elementary music class. We learn about the life of a famous composer and we study one of his/her compositions in depth. This month, our featured composer is Vince Guaraldi (of “Peanuts” fame), and I taught a lesson on the composition “Linus and Lucy,” adapted from my recent post, Creating Patterns: Mathematical Practices through the Arts. We were focused on the concept of form (rondo […]

STEAM Leadership: Lights, Camera, Action…..Make a STEAM Scene
11-Dec-14   By: Greg Pilewski

Recently, I was listening to a principal of a STEAM school say that they are not providing enough clarity to their teachers on what STEAM should look like in their classrooms.   Their teachers were at different levels of understanding of implementing STEAM/arts integration and they themselves as a leadership team needed to provide more clarity on what evidence they will collect to make sure they are on track with deepening their implementation.  Sound familiar? […]

Bored of Boards? How and Why to Spice Up Your Bulletin Boards
10-Dec-14   By: Deirdre Moore

 I admit it.  I hate bulletin boards.  People might assume I enjoy them because of my love of the arts, but visual art is not my strong suit.  When I was an elementary classroom teacher, my room was the most sparsely decorated one around.  I don’t like overly-stimulating or busy environments (too distracting for me) and I’ve never been truly tuned into creating a pleasurable physical space.  I once had a date look around my […]

Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Creative Children
09-Dec-14   By: Susan Riley

As the parent of an elementary schooler, the holidays are filled with temptations.  Toys ‘R Us commercials abound with the seasons “hottest” toys and various retailers are sending me their coupons for the “must-have” gifts for the children in my life.  And while this is definitely a magical season for all kids-at-heart that promises shiny new things to play with, I find myself yearning less and less to give my child one more “thing”. As […]

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