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Arts Integration and STEAM Professional Development

New Series: Coaching Calls
29-May-15   By: Susan Riley

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Standardizing the Creative Process
29-May-15   By: Brianne DeFrang

A Recap of the First Three Core Arts Standards Over the past three months, we have been unpacking the first three National Core Arts Standards for general music, the standards that comprise the “creating” process. In the new Core Arts standards, as well as in the Common Core standards, the STEAM initiative, the Maker Movement, and other 21st century learning initiatives, the push for creating is at front and center. At first thought, the idea […]

The post Standardizing the Creative Process appeared first on EducationCloset.

In Search of Failure
28-May-15   By: Susan Riley

When was the last time you went looking for failure?  This might sound like one of those knock-on-woods moments, as if your brain is subtly whispering “No, no! She didn’t mean failure, Universe.  She meant something that looks like failure but isn’t and still teaches us a valuable lesson”.  As educators, we like to say we encourage the learning process, but we tend to get really nervous once failure starts to bubble to the top […]

The post In Search of Failure appeared first on EducationCloset.

Compare and Contrast: A Tried and True Technique
27-May-15   By: Deirdre Moore

Good teaching is good teaching, period.  Whenever I learn a good technique (or am reminded of one) presented in one context, chances are pretty good it will apply to another area as well.  Just recently I had one of those serendipitous experiences where one training I attended helped address something I had been struggling with in another area.  I love it when that happens. I had been working with some third graders integrating their classroom […]

The post Compare and Contrast: A Tried and True Technique appeared first on EducationCloset.

Stop Lesson Planning
26-May-15   By: Susan Riley

Do you ever feel like you are constantly lesson planning? You’re either creating new lessons, adjusting lessons you already have or are seeking (or coveting) lesson plans from somewhere else. Listen – that cycle has got to stop! No wonder we are all overwhelmed! In today’s EdCloset On-Demand, I’m sharing 3 steps to stop this vicious lesson planning cycle. It’s actually based on a strategy you probably already know: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  This simple, […]

The post Stop Lesson Planning appeared first on EducationCloset.

Coach’s Corner: You Make It
25-May-15   By: Typhani Harris

As an instructional coach, I have been encouraging teachers to relinquish control and allow students to take ownership of their education.  This is not always an easy task, for the teacher or the students, but the more students take ownership the more invested they become.  Start with smaller responsibilities, for example class leadership where students are in charge of writing on the board, leading the class, running a discussion, etc.  Eventually, students will take charge […]

The post Coach’s Corner: You Make It appeared first on EducationCloset.

Arts Integration Lesson: Tangram Shape Art
22-May-15   By: Brianne DeFrang

Today, we are bringing you a free arts integrated lesson based on the book Grandfather Tang’s Story by Ann Tompert. Grandfather Tang and Little Soo are sitting in the backyard one day, playing with their tangram puzzles, and Grandfather Tang weaves a tale of two fairy foxes that change from one animal shape to another. Robert Andrew Parker’s illustrations feature pen and watercolor tangram animal shapes. The objective of the tangram puzzle is to arrange […]

The post Arts Integration Lesson: Tangram Shape Art appeared first on EducationCloset.

STEAM Lesson: Movement Batteries
21-May-15   By: Susan Riley

Today’s free STEAM lesson is all about bringing movement to science through the elements of dance.  I was actually inspired to create this lesson based on a question my daughter asked me in the car.  Out of the blue, she called out, “Mommy, how do batteries work?” and to be honest, I didn’t know how to explain it in a way that she would understand.  After a few YouTube videos and some drawings, she finally came […]

The post STEAM Lesson: Movement Batteries appeared first on EducationCloset.

Arts Integration Lesson: Character Pitches
20-May-15   By: Deirdre Moore

Children are natural actors.  They do not require an acting class to change their voices or body shapes and levels to represent a lion or a giant, a mouse or a little boy.  What they may not have, however, is the vocabulary to name what they are doing and the awareness to intentionally create characters by the use of their voices and bodies.  That is what this lesson provides.  In addition, students are encouraged to […]

The post Arts Integration Lesson: Character Pitches appeared first on EducationCloset.

Submissions open for July edition of STEAMed Magazine
19-May-15   By: Susan Riley

Summer is about to get STEAMy with our July edition of STEAMed Magazine!  Already, we have some incredible stories and surprises lined up for our summer issue of the popular free resource for educators interested in Arts Integration and STEAM.  What’s even more important to us, though, is being able to showcase teachers and administrators who are doing the work, making a difference and seeing the results of this approach. If you have an interest […]

The post Submissions open for July edition of STEAMed Magazine appeared first on EducationCloset.

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