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Arts Integration and STEAM Professional Development

STEAM Leadership: 4 Tips on Fostering Innovation At Your Door Step
28-Aug-14   By: Greg Pilewski

Innovation is a cool word and it sounds “shiny” and “buzzy” by nature.  However, one of the things that we fail to do is truly take the time to define the components of fostering innovation as STEAM leaders.  Why?  Because we always seem to get caught in the day-to-day of our work.  We attend conferences, watch videos, participate in webinars, read articles and get inspired about innovation. Then we begin to brainstorm ideas on what we […]

Ready to be Featured in a STEAM Magazine?
28-Aug-14   By: Susan Riley

We are embarking on a new endeavor here at EducationCloset.  On January 2nd, we’ll be launching our first-ever STEAM Digital Magazine: STEAMed Quarterly to our 50,000+ subscribers and readers.  This new magazine will be unlike anything currently available to educators.  We envision this FREE resource to be a place where educators can share their journeys toward STEAM and how to make STEAM a reality, no matter where you are or what your district’s situation.  This will be […]

Human Claymation: Using Theatre to Model Class Rules
27-Aug-14   By: Deirdre Moore

It’s that time of year again.  Some schools are already in session and some will be starting soon. Many educators spend time in the beginning of the year creating or exploring classroom rules or guidelines with their students so all know what is expected.  Some educators may create the guidelines themselves and others will ask the students for ideas.  Either way, teachers will most often ask the students to describe what the desired behaviors look […]

Managing Integration Podcast
26-Aug-14   By: Susan Riley

Anyone who has tried using arts integration or STEAM in their classroom knows that it’s a messy process.  How do you maintain organization and provide effective classroom management in an integrated lesson?  Today’s podcast will provide you with some practical tips and strategies that I, and many others, have used successfully in the arts integrated classroom.  This 20 minute podcast provides you with easy, low and no-cost ideas for managing chaos while cultivating creativity.  Take […]

New Home, New Family
25-Aug-14   By: Typhani Harris

Today I become a New York teacher, and although all of the traditional first day of school emotions are present, there is an unfamiliar anxiety about being in a new home with and  a new family. I have been in New York City for a little over a week now, and the adventures are never-ending.  In the short time I have been here, I have experienced four major areas of adjustment for both home and work: getting […]

SLOs in the Arts: Setting Goals with the Arts in Mind
22-Aug-14   By: Susan Riley

As we begin a new school year, many schools are implementing Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) as part of defining student growth foci and teacher evaluation.  Unfortunately, the arts can be left out of this dialogue or even expected to simply “make do” with what the other content areas receive.  We’ve done a lot here on EdCloset with SLOs and helping to empower arts educators to use SLOs as a way to target a specific area […]

STEAM Leadership: How Good Is Your Problem-Solving?
21-Aug-14   By: Greg Pilewski

A former colleague of mine used to joke in a staff meeting and say “little problem today, big problem tomorrow” then we would all laugh and move on.  As the new school year begins and many educators are stepping into new leadership roles to support STEAM/Arts Integration implementation, one thing is for sure: problem-solving is at the core of being a STEAM leader.  Whether you are leading a collaborative planning team, leading an entire school, or leading a […]

Creating a Studio/Lab Environment Podcast
21-Aug-14   By: Susan Riley

As you begin to setup your classrooms and create learning environments that foster creativity and engage students in meaningful learning, I hope you’ll listen to this latest podcast!  One of the most powerful ways you can encourage and build STEAM in and through your classroom is by utilizing the Studio/Lab setup model.  In this podcast, we’ll be discussing a key chapter in my book, “No Permission Required“, on creating classroom environment and behaviors that facilitate […]

Bending the Rules
20-Aug-14   By: Deirdre Moore

For two weeks now I have been reflecting on experiences I had at the Teacher Art Retreat I attended sponsored by The Inspired Classroom.  I have written about the value in guided active listening in one of the activities that Elizabeth Peterson facilitated in her presentation.  But something else happened for me during that activity that I have not yet discussed. I, the instruction-following-always-do-what-the-teachers-says-student, felt an urge to bend the rules. Elizabeth had played a […]

The School Approach to STEAM
19-Aug-14   By: Susan Riley

How do you even start with integrating STEAM at your school? This is one of the most frequently asked questions I receive almost everyday.  Moving a school to truly become a STEAM school is challenging work.  It requires a shift in not just the instruction, but the entire learning environment and behaviors of a school community.  You must change the what and how of instruction AND you must address the WHY behind STEAM if it […]

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