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Arts Integration and STEAM Professional Development

Arts Integration Lesson: Line Plot Dance
26-Nov-15   By: Susan Riley

Grades: 4-6  |  Content Areas: Math and Dance If you want to scare away the majority of adults from a lesson, you’d connect their least favorite subjects: math and dance.  From my experience, many educators (myself included) have our own gaps with math and the idea of teaching it heightens our stress levels.  By the same token, most adults I know are self-conscious about using their bodies to communicate information – particularly when it comes […]

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How Much Challenge Is Too Much? The Dilemma of the Artist and the Educator
25-Nov-15   By: Deirdre Moore

“When I go to a performance, I want my hand held in the beginning and then I want to be led to the edge of the cliff and pushed off.”  This a paraphrase of one of the projection designers who was involved in the premiere of a theatrical production I had the pleasure of seeing.  Following the play I had a really interesting exchange with that designer, the choreographer and a fellow audience member.  I […]

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SmART Ideas: Roll the Dice for Choice-Based Assessment!
24-Nov-15   By: Susan Riley

How many times have you felt like your formative assessments are getting a little stale?  Maybe you’re using the same exit tickets week after week, or maybe you’re at a loss for exactly HOW to assess your students that doesn’t equal paper + pencil. In today’s SmART Ideas video tip, I’m sharing a great way to “shake up” your assessments and give your students the power of choice at the same time.  Rolling the dice […]

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Why I’m Thankful for Arts Integration
24-Nov-15   By: Dyan Branstetter

Music and dance have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Throughout my early school life, I spent my afternoons in dance classes. In high school, I became immersed in our school district’s music program and chose to balance out my dancing with chamber choir rehearsals, marching band, marimba lessons, indoor drum line, and drum corps. Music was my life. I also knew from an early age that I […]

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Grading Hacks
23-Nov-15   By: Typhani Harris

I am sure you have already made lists upon lists of changes you wish to employ as you enter second quarter. We all have a growing list, but that is the beauty of education, we are constantly learning, growing, and reflecting. However, all that growing can leave us feeling completely overwhelmed. With professional development, staff meetings, common planning, lesson planning, collaboration, grading, and some even working on advanced degrees, we begin to experiment with sleep […]

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Embedding the Arts in the PBL Process
20-Nov-15   By: Brianne DeFrang

The idea of planning for project based learning in and through the arts can seem like a daunting task. It can be a challenge to find authentic arts-based problems and challenges on which to base PBL experiences. So how can we still include the arts in PBL when the PBL itself is not arts-based? Today, I’d like to share a few ways you might explore integrating the arts in the project based learning process. While […]

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Episode 32: What to Do When the Project Flops
19-Nov-15   By: Susan Riley

Remember the moment when something you did went horribly wrong?  Maybe it was that huge lesson that you put together only to have it disintegrate in front of your eyes during an observation from your principal.  Or, maybe it was the curriculum project you worked on for 6 months only to have all of the teachers in your district throw it in the trash.  Failure never feels good. After a HUGE year of ups and […]

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Learning Moon Phases through the Arts!
19-Nov-15   By: Amy Traggianese

At the beginning of this school year, I was planning an arts integration period with three fifth grade teachers. In our school, these are once a week sessions we call HOT Blocks. Classes work with their classroom teacher and me for about nine weeks to learn reading, writing, math or science concepts through art. I have worked with fifth grade teachers in the past, but I never taught this difficult concept: the phases of the moon. The […]

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Arts Integration Lesson: Life Cycle Tracking
18-Nov-15   By: Susan Riley

Grades: 3-5  |  Content Areas: Science and Theater In today’s free arts integration lesson, we’re taking a look at metamorphosis and transformations.  Many students cover the idea of metamorphosis in grades K-2 by studying butterflies – how they transform from caterpillar to butterfly.  But when you look at the new Next Generation Science Standards in more detail, the idea of true identification, observation and description of the life cycle doesn’t happen until third grade. One […]

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Let the Music Play On
18-Nov-15   By: Deirdre Moore

I woke up Saturday morning and checked my email.  Something in there directed me to Facebook where I kept seeing references to France and Paris and I didn’t understand what was going on, so I Googled it.  I was shocked and saddened.  Suddenly I could not imagine heading to my Saturday job – making music with families of children under the age of 5.  What could I do?  How could I possibly sing and dance […]

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