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The world's most widely-read biofuels daily

“Biofuels Barometer” report offers sober assessment of biofuels prospects in the EU
02-Sep-14   By: Jim Lane

In the EU, Energies Renouvelables is noting that biofuels consumption has dropped 6.8 percent in the EU road transport sector between 2012 and 2013, with a 4.7% overall “incorporation rate”. The group, which has published its Biofuels Barometer (available here), said that “sustainable biofuels” consumption rates are now exceeding 86 percent and that, despite the […]

Taurus Energy notes global surge in cellulosic biofuels testing and partnering activity
02-Sep-14   By: Jim Lane

In Sweden, Taurus Energy has revealed that it is currently holding discussions and negotiations on XYLOFERM with over 10 companies, noting that “The level of interest in producing second-generation ethanol has increased over the past year, since a number of production facilities have come on-stream. Leaders in the industry no longer regard ethanol produced from […]

Can corn compete in Brazil with cane? Ethanol Baron’s Summit Group to develop $140M corn ethanol project in Mato Grosso
02-Sep-14   By: Jim Lane

In Iowa, after tipping earlier in the year that there were substantial opportunities in Brazil and Argentina for corn ethanol expansion, “Ethanol Baron” Bruce Rastetter and his Summit Group have announced a $140 million corn ethanol project for Lucas do Rio Verde in Mato Grosso state. Summit Group will finance the project through its US […]

Strong ethanol margins bring South Dakota’s Red River Energy plant back online
02-Sep-14   By: Jim Lane

In South Dakota, the 25 million gallon Red River Energy ethanol plant in Rosholt is re-opening after an idle period that stretches back to early 2013, according to press reports. In an interview with the Watertown (SD) Public Opinion,  general manager Rick Serie said “The margins are good in ethanol, corn is abundant at this […]

Masdar, Tadweer launch Emirates effort to improve waste cooking to biodiesel conversion tehcnology
02-Sep-14   By: Jim Lane

In the Emirates, the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology and Tadweer, the Center of Waste Management – Abu Dhabi have inked a two-year R&D pact to explore imporvemtns in tehcnologies for the conversion of waste cooking oil to biodiesel. The groups will be joined in the project by Australia’s Laboratory for Turbulence Research in […]

China biodiesel demand to double by 2017: report
02-Sep-14   By: Jim Lane

In China, a new report from ResearchinChina says biodiesel consumption in China is expected to double by 2017 from 2013 levels, to as much as 2.,5 million tons per year or higher. The report authors said that in 2013, China’s total capacity of biodiesel exceeded 3.7 million tons per year, but output attained 1-1.2 million […]

IEA warns that policy uncertainty is global threat to advance of renewables
01-Sep-14   By: Jim Lane

From Brussels, the International Energy Agency has released its in its 3rd annual Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report — and the agency is becoming bearish on the expansion prospects for renewables unless policy constraints are addresses. According to the report, power generation from renewable sources such as wind, solar and hydro grew strongly in 2013, […]

Blue Skies: the high-value opportunities above us for advanced biofuels
01-Sep-14   By: Jim Lane

Renewable chemicals and nutraceuticals are rightly hot because their high-margin markets offer go-to opportunities for emerging technologies. But what about high-margin markets for advanced fuels? The Digest investigates. Now that Labor Day is past, we are all supposed to get back to work or school — and in the world of the advanced bioeconomy that […]

4 Minutes With…Kyle Teamey, CEO, Liquid Light
01-Sep-14   By: Jim Lane

Elsewhere in the Digest this morning we make reference to the technologies and markets being explored by Liquid Light — specifically the opportunity to make a molecule with a powerful market such as mono ethylene glycol (MEG) out of waste CO2. Leading the company is Kyle Teamey, who left behind a military career (including two tours of […]

Joule to host climate change seminar in Norway, Jeffrey Sachs will headline
01-Sep-14   By: Isabel Lane

In Norway, Joule will be hosting a strategic seminar on climate change next Tuesday, September 9th in Oslo. The seminar, entitled “Converting Words to Action on Climate Change: The Role of Technology” will discuss the role of newer technologies that are still advancing towards maturity and economic feasibility, requiring the collective support of government, academia […]

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