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The world's most widely-read biofuels daily

European Commission may renew anti-dumping tariffs on US biodiesel
11-Jul-14   By: Meghan Sapp

In Belgium, the European Commission may renew anti-dumping tariffs it levies against US biodiesel exporters including Cargill and ADM for another five years. Levies include duties to counter subsidies of up to $323 a metric ton and anti-dumping duties of up to $270 per ton. To determine whether or not to renew the duties, the […]

KiOR may sell the company after missing loan payment
11-Jul-14   By: Meghan Sapp

In Texas, KiOR said in an SEC statement that it has hired Guggenheim Securities to advise on possibly selling the company after it failed to make a $1.88 million loan payment on June 30. The state of Mississippi has agreed to a loan forbearance on the $75 million loan it received—and still owes $69.4 million […]

Brazilian ethanol production soars on dry weather
11-Jul-14   By: Meghan Sapp

In Brazil, ethanol production during the last two weeks of June were up 46.3% on the year at 1.89 billion liters. The major jump was a result of better weather that was more conducive to harvest compared to a very rainy June 2013. The dry weather, however, is having a negative impact on sugar content […]

European biodiesel shying away from rapeseed feedstock
11-Jul-14   By: Meghan Sapp

In Europe, biodiesel production from rapeseed will remain at about 5.5 million metric tons, down 20% from the high in 2010 when 6.88 million tons were produced. Overall demand for biodiesel, which represents 80% of the European biofuel market, is also seen stagnating at 12.28 million liters, down 12.7% from the 2011 high.  

Embrapa Energia to study biodiesel supply chain challenges
11-Jul-14   By: Meghan Sapp

In Brazil, Embrapa Bioenergia is going to start a study into the biodiesel supply chain in an effort to identify problems that may lead to quality issues. The analysis will look at the entire life of the biodiesel from the factory to storage, transport and distribution, looking for where degradation, adulteration or contamination may occur. […]

DOE announces $4 billion in loan guarantees
11-Jul-14   By: Meghan Sapp

In Washington, the Dept. of Energy’s Loan Programs Office (LPO) has issued a Renewable Energy and Efficient Energy Projects Solicitation, which would make as much as $4 billion in loan guarantees available to support innovative, renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in the U.S. that reduce, avoid, or sequester greenhouse gases. The solicitation is intended […]

Queensland University of Technology brings kids to bagasse ethanol lab
11-Jul-14   By: Meghan Sapp

In Australia, the Queensland University of Technology has teamed with eight high schools to get students into the lab to get them interested in science, and they’re doing it by involving them in experiments using sugarcane bagasse for second generation ethanol production. The university also now has permanent factory at the Racecourse sugar mill working […]

Sens. Klobuchar and Grassley want FTC to look at anti-competitive oil practices
11-Jul-14   By: Meghan Sapp

In Washington, U.S. Senators Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Chuck Grassley (R-IA) said that a new report on anti-competitive practices by oil companies to block biofuels underscores the need for action to protect consumers. The report from the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) found that unbranded or independent stations are roughly four to six times more likely […]

On the Move in Biofuels: Lovley joins LanzaTech advisory board
10-Jul-14   By: Jim Lane

Dr. Derek Lovley, Distinguished Professor and Director of Environmental Biotechnology at the University of Massachusetts has joined the advisory board of LanzaTech. Initially focussed on using carbon monoxide (CO) streams from industry, LanzaTech’s ‘microbe factories’ are also able to recycle carbon from carbon dioxide (CO2) gas streams, through the application of microbial electrosynthesis, as pioneered by Dr. Lovley and his […]

Sinopec, Sapphire Energy project unveiled in China; wins US-China EcoPartnerships nod
10-Jul-14   By: Jim Lane

The Digest has heard from China that Sapphire Energy’s and Sinopec’s algae-derived renewable crude oil project has been selected for the U.S.-China EcoPartnerships program, and that the announcement is being made overnight US time in Beijing, China, by the U.S. Secretary of State and the People’s Republic of China State Councilor. Details on the project […]

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