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The world's most widely-read biofuels daily

Biomass stackyard catches fire at Project Liberty
23-Jul-14   By: Meghan Sapp

In Iowa, a fire broke out on Saturday night at the Poet-DSM Project Liberty cellulosic ethanol plant that is getting ready to come online. The fire broke out in the biomass stackyard that cold hold up to three weeks of feedstock supply. It wasn’t immediate clear how much of the feedstock had been destroyed but […]

Argentine biodiesel exports soar 14.5 times year-on-year
23-Jul-14   By: Meghan Sapp

In Argentina, biodiesel exports soared to 118,100 metric tons in May, a whopping 14.5 times the biodiesel exported during May last year and 141% higher than in April. The boost in exports is a direct result of the government cutting export duties retroactively to March to 11% from 21% previously.  Biodiesel production for Carbio members […]

Schmack Carbotech to build biogas plant in Stockholm for vehicle fuel
23-Jul-14   By: Meghan Sapp

In Germany, Schmack Carbotech has been awarded the contract to construct a plant with a processing capacity of 2000 Nm3/h in raw biogas in Sofielund Huddinge, Stockholm. Gas with a methane content of 97 percent after purification will be produced for use as a biofuel in vehicles powered by natural gas. After completion, the plant […]

EU biofuel consumptions falls for first time since industrial expansion
23-Jul-14   By: Meghan Sapp

In France, the growth of biofuel consumption for use in transport in the European Union (EU-28) has dwindled in the past few years and finally dropped by about one million tonne oil equivalent (toe, 6.8 percent) between 2012 and 2013 according to EurObserv’ER, to a consumption level of 13.6 million toe. Nevertheless, sustainable biofuel consumption, […]

Indonesian palm oil producers see exports falling up to 9.5% on year
23-Jul-14   By: Meghan Sapp

In Indonesia, the country’s palm oil producers association GAPKI says it expects exports to fall by up to 9.5% to between 19 million and 20 million metric tons.  Last year, exports reached 21 million tons. Exports through June this year reached 9.75 million tons compared to 11 million tons during the same period in 2013.

New study for RFA shows US ethanol lowest cost transport fuel in the world
22-Jul-14   By: Meghan Sapp

In Washington, ABF Economics released a study for the Renewable Fuels Association that says U.S. ethanol has emerged as the lowest cost transportation fuel and octane source in the world over the past several years. The study addresses several issues relative to the competitiveness of American-made ethanol in three key U.S. markets: New York, Chicago […]

Union of Concerned Scientists says US could provide second gen feedstocks
22-Jul-14   By: Meghan Sapp

In Washington, U.S. agriculture could provide up to 155 million tons of crop residues and 60 million tons of manure to produce clean fuels and electricity in 2030 that would help cut the nation’s oil use and phase out the use of coal, according to a new analysis by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS). […]

US congressman proposes country of origin labeling for fuel
22-Jul-14   By: Meghan Sapp

In Washington, ahead of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ruling on the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), and with gas hovering near $3.50/gallon, Rep. Bruce Braley (IA-01) introduced legislation that would allow Iowa consumers to have a choice at the pump. Braley’s Country of Origin Labeling for Fuels Act would require gas stations to post the […]

Biofuels Digest Index rises to 81.87 as chemicals soar
22-Jul-14   By: Jim Lane

The Biofuels Digest Index, an index of publicly traded biofuels stocks, rose 0.90 percent to 81.87 as chemicals soared. For the day, Algae.Tec jumped 18.75 percebt as Reliance exercised stock rights, while Metabolix (MBLX) rebounded 18.16 percent to $0.70. Among other equities, Solazyme (SZYM) was up 4.58 percent to $10.28. Overall, advances led declines 3 […]

The Origin of Sex
22-Jul-14   By: Jim Lane

Algae researchers think they may have discovered a trigger that establishes gender, and sexual reproduction. We humans experience asexual cellular division, or mitosis, though we rarely write songs or poetry in celebration of it. Our earliest life experience is dominated by that process, as two cells become four, and four become eight. As multicellular organisms, however […]

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