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The world's most widely-read biofuels daily

As many as 30 Brazilian ethanol mills headed for bankruptcy
30-Sep-14   By: Meghan Sapp

In Brazil, Valor Economico reports that as many as 30 ethanol and sugar plants are ready to shut down permanently thanks to the country’s policy to continually cap gasoline prices. The mills crush about 60 million metric tons of cane annually and currently aren’t operating. They’ve delayed payments for several months and are expected to […]

Indian biofuel company gets German investment for expansion
30-Sep-14   By: Meghan Sapp

In India, a German investor has bought into biofuel manufacturer Arstaeco for EUR100,000. The company has a facility that produces 600,000 metric tons per year of biochar, synthetic fuel and 1MW of electricity from agricultural waste. The company plans to expand to three other states with smaller facilities.  

Air quality concerns abound for site of Red Rock Biofuel’s Oregon plant
30-Sep-14   By: Meghan Sapp

In Oregon, following excitement about Red Rock Biofuel’s agreements with the Navy and Southwest Airlines, attention is being paid to the town where the facility will be sited and the existing air pollution challenges there. Already the situation has attracted state and federal attention, with some local residents looking to clamp down on industry. The […]

Tiny Illinois town may host new ethanol plant
30-Sep-14   By: Meghan Sapp

In Illinois, an undisclosed ethanol project planned for Waltonville will benefit from $1.95 million funding through the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration to pay for infrastructure. That’s on top of the state’s DoT who has also awarded the town $2 million for road improvements as well as water and sewer investments to help […]

EPA approves CCS at ADM ethanol plant
30-Sep-14   By: Meghan Sapp

In Washington, the EPA has approved a CCS process at an ADM ethanol plant where drilling is expected to begin in November. The project will inject and store 1.1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide from the ethanol plant into the ground every year.  

German ethanol consumption hovering while E10 demand increases
30-Sep-14   By: Meghan Sapp

In Germany, ethanol consumption hit 90,026 metric tons in July, down 6,734 tons from the year before but 7,343 tons higher than in June. Though direct blending remains flat on the year, E10 sales are up at 15.38% of the fuel supply from 14.85% last year.  

California may be biofuel and fossil free by 2050 but needs biodiesel to get there
30-Sep-14   By: Meghan Sapp

In California, researchers have published a study that shows the state could be powered entirely be renewable resources by 2050. The study focuses on water, wind and sunlight, ostensibly pushing biofuels into the “unwanted” category with fossil fuels, natural gas and nuclear power. In the meantime, however, the California Air Resources Board expects biodiesel, renewable […]

Concerns continue about India’s chemical industry if ethanol blending raised
30-Sep-14   By: Meghan Sapp

In India, the Petroleum Ministry’s department of chemicals has said that it wants to see ethanol for fuel capped at 5%, saying that going hire will be detrimental for the chemical industry due to scarce supplies. Oil companies and sugar mills remain at odds over how much the fuel will be supplied at, and though […]

Cuba prefers focus on co-gen rather than ethanol
29-Sep-14   By: Meghan Sapp

In Cuba, the government is holding out for now with plans to produces sugarcane ethanol, not convinced it will help the country’s energy situation, and will instead focus on investing in boosting co-generation production to boost domestic electricity supplies. Current targets are for 20 sugarcane mills to produce 730MW by 2030, providing about 14% of […]

API says EPA can’t boost biodiesel RFS targets
29-Sep-14   By: Meghan Sapp

In Washington, the Clean Air Act explicitly prohibits the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from increasing the biomass-based diesel mandate for the 2014 compliance year, wrote American Petroleum Institute (API) Downstream Group Director Bob Greco in a letter sent Friday to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. “The Clean Air Act expressly compels EPA to provide a […]

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