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Princess Kimma's tips, hints and previews of what's new on Planet Sarillion

Greedy Cloud’s Hidden Spring Furniture and Garden Décor Items Discovered!
08-Mar-13   By: princesskimma

Dear Idea Seeker or Ally of the Idea Seekers, I have great news!  Greedy Cloud has been chased away and Spec and Tra discovered some new spring time house and garden items that he was hiding from everyone. Check them out in my house and garden, or go see Spec, Tra and Skeeter’s houses. Here […]

Out of school? Make Friends Challenge
20-Jun-12   By: princesskimma

Hi all.  Check out some of the really great party ideas some of you have added to my last post.  Watch the What’s New on the homepage.  Soon we’ll be doing some of them.  Continue to send me your party ideas – you guys rock. I have a challenge for you – how many NEW friends can […]

Fight the Darkness Around You
30-May-12   By: princesskimma

Hi all my friends, I was really looking forward to Olice Hush’s party today in the Palace.  I got all changed into my new fire dress and then the Darkness hit without any warning.  I couldn’t get out of my room, on my computer screen it said server failed and all sorts of other things happened to […]

You Did It! We Got Back Our Planet!
22-May-12   By: princesskimma

My friends, you did it.  You worked hard and chased the Darkness away.  Special thanks to my friend Denver and Toki who wrote a really good poem/cheer.   He is right, we have to stop the hacking – no more stealing passwords. I will be calling a Celebration Party.  Everyone is welcome.  Watch the What’s New […]

The Darkness is Attacking
21-May-12   By: princesskimma

I was coming home last night from a visit to Earth and as my spaceship slowed down to enter the atmosphere of Planet Sarillion I was horrified to see there was no planet!!!! There was just a big cloud and The Darkness.  I couldn’t believe it, where was my Mom and Dad, my friends, the […]

Great Party Ideas – How to Fight the Clouds
19-Mar-12   By: princesskimma

You guys must give a lot of parties because you all have really good ideas!  I can hardly wait to see what Spec and Skeeter choose to do for the celebration party! Tra and Skeeter and I hung out on Friday with some of you.  It was so great to see everyone. I was expecting Spec would show up […]

I’m Home!!! Let’s Party!!!
06-Mar-12   By: princesskimma

I can’t tell you how great it is to be home.  I soo missed my family and my friends.  Thank you to my friends the Idea Seekers Spec and Tra who came to my rescue on the planet Earth.  And to think I almost got turned into a Warrior Drone by Jealousy Cloud over thinking my […]

Valentine’s Day is coming!
05-Feb-11   By: princesskimma

I am so nervous about Valentine’s Day.  I haven’t ever done this before until I visited Earth and my friend Skeeter told me about it.  Should I give Spec a Valentine that is special and tells him how cute I think he is or should I give all my friends a Valentine that is the […]

My Dog Rescue
01-Dec-10   By: princesskimma

How can people be so mean to helpless animals?  While visiting my friends on Earth over Thanksgiving, I was taking a walk and Tra and I saw a dog abandoned in a box in the cold.  She had finished nursing her puppies and so the people who owned her just turned her out in the […]

Whoa – what happened
09-Oct-10   By: princesskimma

Hi guys,  I don’t know what happened to all of my recent messages, I am guessing that the Clouds were at their nasty work again – stealing!  So I am going to write more and you write me back ok? Well I just got back from one of my favorite little planets, planet Earth.  I […]

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