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Everything Is Technology

The GranitePhone Thinks Your Privacy Is Worth $850
13-Oct-15   By: Chris Mills

How much do you value your darkest secrets? Enough to pay $850 for a $300 Android phone? Archos and Sikur, makers of a super-secure mid-range handset think so.


Savant Takes a Simple but Elegant Approach to Home Automation
13-Oct-15   By: Adam Clark Estes

Unless you’re super rich, you’ve probably never heard of Savant. The home automation company brags about catering to “the one percent of the one percent.” But now that the internet of things is all the rage, Savant is offering a slick smart home system for the everyman.


Canon G9X and G5X: High Performance Compacts For Every Pocket Size
13-Oct-15   By: Michael Hession

Canon’s G line of cameras are meant to offer better quality and controls than the typical cheap-o point and shoot. With two new members of the family, the G9X and the G5X, you have whole lot of options, depending just how much camera you want to carry.


Kickstarter Bans Product For Not Existing
13-Oct-15   By: Chris Mills

Kickstarter and vaporware go hand-in-hand, but as it turns out, there is a limit. That limit, apparently, is a laser-powered razor with no good prototype.


Amazing video turns Apollo Archive photos to life with truly stunning 3D effects
12-Oct-15   By: Casey Chan on Sploid, shared by Chris Mills to Gizmodo

This is just awesome. Stop reading and start watching the video below. Tom Kucy used 3D effects and motion to bring the recently released photos from NASA’s Apollo Archive to life. The photos that document the most amazing feats of human history now feel like they’re moving videos. It is so completely awe-inspiring.


Dieselgate Is Already Getting Its Own Movie
12-Oct-15   By: Justin Westbrook on Jalopnik, shared by Cheryl Eddy to Gizmodo

Paramount Pictures has already scooped up a proposal for a film on the recent Dieselgate scandal, said to recount the events of the drama at Volkswagen Auto Group following the discovery of its cheating on EPA emissions regulations.


13-Oct-15   By: Gizmodo Staff


5 Cities With Driverless Public Buses On The Streets Right Now
13-Oct-15   By: Alissa Walker

Last week it was announced that the US will be getting its first driverless bus fleet in a Bay Area office park as soon as next year. But say you can’t wait that long. You want to see the future now. So why not hitch a ride to one of these cities where you can ride in a public, autonomous vehicle in 2015.


Three Months After Learning To Ride A Mountain Bike, I Tackled The Best Trails In The World
12-Oct-15   By: Wes Siler on Indefinitely Wild, shared by Cheryl Eddy to Gizmodo

My goal for this trip was “Don’t Die!” But, when you get the chance to ride the best trails in the world, with some of the best riders, what are you going to say? For me, it wasn’t going to be “no,” even though I wasn’t in shape and in no way a good enough rider.


The Gamer Who Uses Streaming To Fight Anxiety And Depression
12-Oct-15   By: Nathan Grayson on Kotaku, shared by Annalee Newitz to Gizmodo

Before we even start talking, General Mittenz asks me if we can stand for the duration of the interview. “For me, right now, I’m having a massive anxiety attack,” he explains while fidgeting nervously. Standing and moving around helps. A little.


5 Incredibly Dangerous Weather Myths That People Actually Believe
12-Oct-15   By: Dennis Mersereau on The Vane, shared by Cheryl Eddy to Gizmodo

Myths are fascinating. It’s incredible what kind of stuff people will believe if you make it sound authoritative enough (see: chemtrails), but some of those myths are downright dangerous. Here are five popular weather myths that could kill you one day if you actually believe in them.


Here's How The 2016 Ford Focus RS's Stall Recovery Feature Works
12-Oct-15   By: David Tracy on Jalopnik, shared by Cheryl Eddy to Gizmodo

The new Ford Focus RS Comes with a Stall Recovery feature that will help you look like less of a jackass after you cut the engine out with the clutch pedal, but it won’t stop you from stalling. Here’s how it works.


10 more really fun movie mistakes that made it into the final version of the movie
12-Oct-15   By: Casey Chan on Sploid, shared by Cheryl Eddy to Gizmodo

People screw up. And in movies, you’d expect that when someone screws up that those scenes would just be played for laughs as outtakes or on a blooper reel. But sometimes everything else about the scene is so good and the screw up is so unexpectedly perfect for the movie that the directors include the screw up in the final film.


These Are the American Cities That Could Be Buried Underwater by 2200
12-Oct-15   By: Ria Misra

Rising sea-levels will someday put several American cities completely, or partially, underwater. Here are the U.S. cities that could be submerged by sea-levels in approximately 200 years—and what you can expect for your own city in the future.


This Year's Trashiest Store-Bought Halloween Costumes
12-Oct-15   By: Charlie Jane Anders on io9, shared by Cheryl Eddy to Gizmodo

Halloween is the one time of year that most people actually cosplay. But making your own costume from scratch is actually a lot of work. So there’s a whole industry dedicated to making costumes for you... with mixed results. Here are the trashiest and most WTF costumes for 2015.


Here's the First Deal We've Seen on the Stainless Steel Apple Watch
12-Oct-15   By: Shep McAllister, Commerce Team on Deals, shared by Shep McAllister, Commerce Team to Gizmodo

We’ve seen a few modest deals on the aluminum Apple Watch Sport, but this is the first one we’ve seen on the stainless steel model.


This Documentary About Sleep Paralysis Looks Absolutely Terrifying
12-Oct-15   By: Kaila Hale-Stern

The Nightmare takes on an issue that afflicts about 10% of the population, wherein night terrors feel very real.


Gawker Group of White People Toting Around Confederate Flags Will Be Prosecuted as a Street Gang | i
12-Oct-15   By: Jane-Claire Quigley

Gawker Group of White People Toting Around Confederate Flags Will Be Prosecuted as a Street Gang | io9 5 Gruesome Real-Life Murders That Inspired Spooky Ghost Stories | Jalopnik The Families Of These High Young Men Want You To Watch Them Die In Crash | Lifehacker The Best Tooth Brushing Method You Were Never Taught | Kinja Popular Posts


Underwater Avalanches, Intranasal Dilators, And Technical Outerwear That Looks Good: What’s New Outside
12-Oct-15   By: Wes Siler on Indefinitely Wild, shared by Cheryl Eddy to Gizmodo

Scared of diving deep? Scared of cave-ins? Why not combine the two into one, happy fun time activity? Above the surface, technical outwear is getting a fashionable makeover and breathing air is getting easier. This is What’s New Outside.


How Bad Is It, Really, To Have Rivers Full of Coked-Up Eels?
12-Oct-15   By: Esther Inglis-Arkell

This is no longer a purely theoretical question, thanks to the modern world. Giving a liberal dose of cocaine to an eel turns out to be far worse for the eel than it is for us.


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