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We have put together an extensive list of RSS, Blog, and Atom feeds in a simple and easy to use directory format. Just select a category on the left to see the feeds and their links.

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SIMUL8 Simulation News (RSS)   -   07/15/13   -   Business
Articles on simulation, analytics and Big Data from the experts at SIMUL8

Frenglish Thoughts (RSS)   -   05/08/13   -   Regional
A resource website of links to Francophile websites and blogs, and information about moving to France, living in France, French culture, French lifestyle, and Frenglish-Franglais humour.

Ocean Blue Fishing (RSS)   -   05/08/13   -   Lifestyle
Check out the RSS Feed of Ocean Blue Fishing

{ * RamBLer WithOut BorDers * } (RSS)   -   05/08/13   -   Lifestyle
A personal and often humorous account of my travels around the world (mostly Asia), and food (usually associates with my travels). I also write Movie reviews of Asian Cinema, especially Chinese cinema.

Official Blog for (RSS)   -   10/10/12   -   Business
Physician career and education information about how to get into a career as a physician, current job postings, and the industry as a whole.

The Design Range (RSS)   -   09/20/12   -   Arts
The Design Range is your online resource for tips and advice on how to get the most out of your design business and increase you design salary. I’m Alex Singleton. I’m a 27 year old Graphic Designer living and working in Manchester UK and I own a smalldesign studio called Hunting Town that specialises in graphic design and illustration. The Design Range is a place for me to talk about all the things I’ve learnt since moving into the graphic design industry and hopefully provide some helpful advice to anyone else walking the same path. As I said, I’m always looking for ways to build on what I have, and so the Design Range is as much a place to tell you about my successes as it is to warn you of my failures (and hopefully help you avoid making them yourself).

Rottweiler Training Tips and Advice (RSS)   -   09/13/12   -   Home
Various rottweiler training methods and tips

The Himalaya Blog (RSS)   -   08/05/12   -   Recreation
A blog about the Himalaya and Himalayan countries, covering travel, trekking, mountaineering, culture and politics

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